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CBC reminds us that Toronto wasn’t always condo crazy

(Image: Seekdes)

It can be difficult to imagine a Toronto skyline uncluttered by the recently finished Shangri-La or Concord’s perpetually under-construction CityPlace—both feel like fixtures, despite their youth. The CBC must have thought so too, because it borrowed a fun format from the New York Times to help everyone remember life before the forest of downtown high-rises. Old and new photographs of the same vista sit next to one another, and a slider lets you scroll across to instantly populate the skyline—or level it. Dramatic before-and-afters like this usually involve black-and-white photos crammed with Model Ts and bowler hats, which makes it all the more arresting that most  of these “before” images are from the ’90s (one is even from 2002). See all the photos [CBC] »