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Real Estate


Cottage of the Week: $2.2 million for a vacation property with two libraries

ADDRESS: 245 North Shore Road

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Port Severn, Georgian Bay

AGENT: Armin and AnneMarie Grigaitis, ReMax Baywatch Ltd., Brokerage

PRICE: $2,199,000

THE PLACE: A cottage with a palatial air (for instance, it has a circular staircase and a turreted tower), tucked in its own little cove on Georgian Bay.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: The main point of having a cottage is getting away from it all to relax in quiet solitude. Usually, that means the outdoors, but in this place, you can also hole up in one of two private oak-shelved libraries.

BIG SELLING POINT: Just because the thermometer is dropping doesn’t mean a vacation property has to lie dormant. A glance at the bar-worthy, well, bar, and it’s obvious people could still enjoy themselves up here in the dead of winter.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: If you’re the kind of person whose favourite books are of the comic variety, you might struggle to fill all those bookshelves—there are only so many knickknacks and curios out there.

• $2,199,000
• 5,106 square feet
• 265 feet of waterfront
• 7 bathrooms
• 6 bedrooms
• 2 libraries
• 2  fireplaces
• 1 indoor bar

  • tony

    Starts off strong with the family room and dining room (& library) but then you lose me with the rest of the house. Proximity to the City is good but for that kind of money, I’d like all the rooms to have some character…..and a decent shoreline too!

  • June

    Love this place but it is not a cottage.

  • Johnny

    Tony….ditto…I said the same thing too.. the bedrooms are totally out of character with the rest of the home. Its like I entered into a cottage, had some tea in the cottage like kitchen and the fireplace and library… then into the bedroom – oh wait – I am back in a city home!

  • Bali

    I am not sure Tony owns a cottage, this is a good shoreline with a proctective bay and you can do a lot more activities during summer especially strong winds and balmy weather.

  • bobo79

    I would live there full-time, if I were to win the lottery…

  • tony

    Bali…..don’t need to ‘own’ a cottage to know a good shoreline…..seen my share of beautiful shorelines…IMHO, this isn’t one of them and especially not for over 2 mill. To each their own.

  • Knotigal

    I just don’t get this place. And I’m with Tony on the shoreline – and I HAVE owned a waterfront home. That shoreline looks kind of swampy … just sayin’.

  • Linds

    Agree about the bedrooms – the ones which are shown don’t do the rest of the place justice. The only things I would covet about this place are the libraries and stone fire place.

  • adc

    This is a comment!!!

  • K

    ewww whats with the green bedroom? so out of date. nice land and layout but needs a lot of work and upgrading.