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Real Estate


House of the Week: $5.3 million for an ultra-modern Oakville home with a fully equipped gym

ADDRESS: 44 Belvedere Drive


AGENTS: Ruben Furtado, Rock Star Real Estate

PRICE: $5,280,000

THE PLACE: This glass and steel estate was designed by Guido Costantino, the firm behind restaurants Buca and Church Aperitivo Bar. Clean lines, floor-to-ceiling windows, modern landscaping and a monochromatic palette make this home a minimalist paradise.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Cinefiles will like the tiered, three-level cinema, which has a 133-inch screen and a state-of-the-art digital surround-sound system. It even has LCD digital movie posters that light up as you walk through the main entrance.

BIG SELLING POINT: This house was made for entertaining. Vast open-concept interior rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, an integrated sound system and an immaculately designed backyard with a fireplace and pool will keep the party going year round.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: The lighting, blinds and doorbell system all work on an integrated system accessed by smartphone, iPad or television, so technophobes ought to steer clear.

• $5,280,000
• $28,000 in property taxes (2012)
• 10,000 square feet of living space
• 1,400-square-foot deck
• 9 bathrooms
• 5 bedrooms
• 4-car garage
• 3-level home cinema
• 3 fireplaces
• 1 swimming pool
• 0.5-acre lot

  • tony

    For homes like this, its all in the details/execution….tough to see with these photos however just based on what’s been presented, IMHO, its gorgeous!…..very nice inside and out….and, way out of my price bracket.

  • Paul

    Wait, is Oakville considered Toronto?

  • dj

    would almost move to Oakville for this…

  • george

    The owners will pay more in property taxes if they live there for 35 years than the average detached house costs in Toronto.

    For more overpriced real estate check out FML Listings #2:

  • B

    totally open concept like this seems great until you have to actually live in it. There’s something to be said for being able to close a door and have the mess disappear from view.

  • Moi

    Must be one sexy man that lives/lived here. MEOW!

  • ka

    it is interesting to see inside a house like this but in reality it just looks so COLD

  • Mike

    Great looking house–just not sure I would want to buy a 5M house from a company called Rock Star Reality… just sayin’

  • John

    Amzaing house… It is refreshing to see something different and not your common boring home. Great lines and great place to host a corporate event or party with friends and family. Hope I get an invited.

  • K

    The home and the area are both gorgeous! Definitely one of a kind and I love brokerage’s name!

    This place will sell fast considering the uniqueness and exclusivity of living in Oakville.

    LOVE IT!

  • Carol

    Stunning house! Love the modern architecture and decor. Definitely not enough homes like this one. Truly one of a kind. Hats off to the architect and home owner. Great location too!

  • Jon-Paul

    I have been in this house and it is even better in person and is truly a one of a kind.

  • Lamis Dantas

    I luv this place…..they will design my new space for sure…SOLD!!

  • Lynn

    @George, Toronto residents pay property tax, too. The high taxes are due to the high cost of the property and the size of the land. In Toronto, you’d be paying more in taxes for this house. Plus the house itself would be $15-20M, not $5M. That said, the house is nice, but I would never move to Oakville.

  • Al

    I have been in this home several times and it still takes my breath away. It is simply stunning

  • betsey

    This is my dream house down to almost every detail, this house is absolutely PERFECT. Granted I don’t want to live in Oakville. I wish there were more homes of this style in Toronto.

  • meg

    this house was on tonight’s episode of four houses canada & it won. i’d be curious to know why they are selling. maybe it was just me but i was disappointed to see where the house was located because it looks so out of place. i expected it to be tucked away & not so smack dab on such a residential street – it pretty much touches the homes on both sides of it.

  • Mike

    WOW! Takes guts to build something like this. Wouldn’t be surprised if a pro athelete purchased. Spaces, office, pool, gym, spa, perfect entertaining house….ahhhhh one day!

  • rock star

    Does the $5m include the mob tax

  • KL

    You had me at “the firm behind”.

  • AP

    This house is what all the other houses aspire to be when they grow up!:P AMAZING!!

  • pat

    I agree with Meg. The house is stunning….but the neighbouring houses make this look totally out of place. It was smack dab in the middle of a 60s subdivision filled with split level houses.

  • Developer

    Honestly, this house is nice, but really 5.3 million. The lost cost no more than $1.5 million and the build cost no more than $2 million. Someone is making a lot of money!

    You get a condo almost the same size right downtown!

  • Dan

    Wow, if you can build a 10,000 sq ft home for $2 million, that pretty much works out to $200 per sq ft. If it looks anything like this, please sign me up! Prices I have been quoted are approximately $400/sq ft. If you factor in the concrete pool and landscaping, I think this is priced pretty fairly.

  • Karie

    I saw this house on Four Houses Canada and thought it was amazing. The owner was very charismatic too. It is minimalist in decor but you could make changes if you so desired.

  • Vlad

    Saw this on Four Houses. Owner is gorgeous and was a total sweetheart. She should have her own show on HGTV.

  • Iggy

    Honest question: who really wants to live in a glass and concrete box? No window coverings? Don’t you feel like a goldfish on display in your tank? Don’t you cook in the summer and freeze in the winter? Sit around in the evening knowing everyone can see everything going on in your house? Seems perfect for the exhibitionsist supermodel nudist (male or female), but not really useful for actual living.

    And how often do you have eight people sitting at your breakfast bar? People say it’s the details, but the details here just don’t really make much sense. Maybe I’m just too conventional, but it seems to me that $5mn worth of crumbly mansion in Rosedale would be a lot better value.


    Nope, I will never be able to figure out where the charm is hiddden in modern homes like this one. The only thing I like about this home is the “flat on the floor”-bed in one of the rooms. Other than that this house feels like a horror movie to me, but then again everybody´s taste is different.

  • K

    LOVE THIS PLACE, except for the tacky floor beds- what is that? but, wow, what a nice, sexy, sleek design. love the details and would fill this place up to the brim with some incredibly designed furniture. love it.

  • Joel Chase