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Real Estate


Condomonium: $950,000 for a King West–area loft with hand-painted designs on the walls

ADDRESS: 560 Front Street West, Unit 1105

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Waterfront Communities–The Island

AGENT: Brandon Ware, Private Service Realty

PRICE: $949,900

THE PLACE: A two-bedroom loft in the Rêve, a new King West–area building with a distinctive red-accented exterior. Designed by Wallman Architects, the building won the Ontario Home Builders Association’s award for Project of the Year in 2010.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Those intricate designs aren’t wallpaper, they’re works of art. A painter was flown in from Europe to work on the space and each of the patterns was painted freehand, a project that took months.

BIG SELLING POINT: The terrace may not be large enough for a barbecue of Ford Fest proportions, but, at 1,000 square feet, it’s plenty big.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: The building boasts Canada’s first virtual concierge, which could be either cool or unnerving, depending on your feelings about technology.

• $949,900
• 2,200 square feet, which includes a 1,000-square-foot terrace
• 1,000-square-foot terrace
• $598.78 in monthly maintenance fees
• 10-foot ceilings
• 2 bedrooms
• 2 bathrooms
• 1 parking space

  • Suzy

    King West ? Come on! Across the street on Front from cityplace! Come on, realtor/TL! Did that 2200 sq ft already include the 1000sq ft terrace ? The place seems small and cluttered. The 2nd bedroom seems like a double bedroom cannot hold there. Stop putting the kitchen sink under the cupboard! Tridel! Shame on ya! If its really that big – i doubt it… its worth it…. the maint fee is low too.. i think its a typo….

  • Craptor

    There is no way this unit is 2200 sq ft. As mentioned above, this unit is most likely 1200 sq ft with a 1000 sq ft terrace. 2200 sq ft with only 2 bedrooms and 2 washrooms would be quite spacious, which clearly this unit isn’t.

  • opl

    Nice try, how about 1,200 sqft. of living space. This is not worth the money at over $791/sqft. based on 1,200 sqft. for its location, building and size. Yes, having a huge outdoor space is nice but not worth the price.

  • Jane

    this is NOT on freaking King West FYI.

  • betty boo

    about 250k overpriced. next to rail tracks, and unit is generic and small for price being asked. 700-750k is more reasonable for this unit.

  • Paul

    I’m wondering why we had to fly some guy in from Europe do do that crap on the walls. I’m sure we could have found several Canadian artisans who could easily have done the job just as well if not better !


  • Mat

    Ugly generic unit, this thing is waayyy over-priced. Flying some guy in from Europe to paint on the walls, I think people like the sound of that but it doesn’t add jack in terms of value. Plenty of local talent who can do a million times better. Besides, it looks like generic wall paper I can find at Home Depot. The terrace is nice, but coming from someone who once had a big terrace, it is only nice IF there is a covered portion to sit under, otherwise it is useful 6 months out of the year at best. When I had mine, I could bbq and sit outside when it was raining, and also in winter.

  • MrsPotato

    I’ts on Bathurst, across the street from The Thompson Diner (or whatever they call it now), beside Cheesewerks.
    One block from the pig slaughter house. The smell … LOVELY, wafting right up Bathurst, and the horse stables.

  • Skipper

    it’s not on bathurst, it’s on front st. it’s not beside cheesewerks, it’s not even on the same street. it’s not across the street from the thompson diner either

  • Designer

    I think this unit would sell much easier if it was staged better to show buyers the potential of the space. It looks quite bland from the photos. The building backs onto Niagara and the park which is very nice. Its really is steps to King west, and the terrace would share the amazing views that you can see from the Thompson Hotel rooftop patio.

  • ashlee

    spend another $100,000 converting the 2 bedrooms and bathrooms into one large one and maybe….

  • jamie

    based on other listings i’ve seen, this realtor has a history of taking liberties in listings and pushing boundaries, and ends up being very misleading. met him in person once and he’s as slippery and phony as they come.

  • Chris

    For the record, the realtor has the condo listed at 1000-1199 square feet on MLS, so the blame for being “misleading” may have to go to Toronto Life.

    My GF lives in the building and despite the fact that its entrance is on Front, that unit looks over Victoria Memorial Park which I would say is in the heart of King West.