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Real Estate


Condomonium: $1.7 million for a slick unit in the Thompson owned by an MTV exec

ADDRESS: 55 Stewart Street, Unit 438

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Waterfront Communities-The Island

AGENT: Brandon Ware, Private Service Realty

PRICE: $1,689,900

THE PLACE: A three-bedroom condo created out of two suites in the Thompson Hotel and Residences. The unit comes with room service, maid service and the potential to schmooze with rap stars and the prime minister during TIFF.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: The current owner is Jon Graham, the general manager at MTV Networks Canada. Feel free to indulge in some rampant speculation as to which reality TV notables and pop stars have clinked glasses on the balcony.

BIG SELLING POINT: You won’t have to search for a couch that matches the orange-red lights in the living space, since all the furniture is included.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Though the unit has three bedrooms, there’s something about the space that suggests a swanky bachelor pad. We suspect women in the market for a new space may want to make some tweaks.

• $1,689,900
• over 1,800 square feet
• $1085.50 in monthly maintenance fees
• 12-foot kitchen island
• 4 plasma televisions
• 3 bedrooms
• 2 bathrooms
• 2 terraces
• 2 parking spaces
• 1 den
• 1 storage locker

  • S.

    What a hot mess. Second bathroom looks like it belongs in a chain restaurant and the office looks like a kid’s space. No wonder owner wants to sell the furniture with the unit.

  • Scott

    Dark and Sexy. Better than most of the cookiecutter white box condos in the city. Stunning.

  • opl

    I love the orange accents. At any rate, I guess the owner has grown tired of all the noise from the roof top and ground floor bars/restos. Heehee, at first it seems so alluring to live in the middle of all the action until you realize the opposite.

  • B

    I will never understand the glass walled bathroom thing. Sleazy.

  • Suzy

    I would buy it… its a real man space though despite not being able to figure out the dining room, whats behind the curtain there? Would scare the pants off me sitting having dinner and not knowing what could/would jump out. The glass walls are bizarre!!! The price is decent though for all furniture included. Yeah… I love it….sorta…a lot…

  • George

    Its an eclectic design and targets the young and wealthy demographic of King West.
    The area around the Thompson is transforming into the next Yorkville. Whole Foods is opening down the street in a new luxury Minto Freed development and we will see high end retailers opening at the base of the new Thompson Residences. Last year, Holt Renfrew had their first pop-up shop at King\Portland to test the market.

    Expect to see $1000PSF in a few years. Units in this building are already $700PSF.

  • Suzy

    …good info George… thanks… Wow…WHole Foods eh ?FYI—There will be no ‘next’ Yorkville. Yorkville will always be exclusive and this King West area is bust and overhyped and overpriced area.Nah…its King West and always will be…

  • S.

    Love the orange… Love the glass walls… And love the neighbourhood! Time to start saving my pennies…

  • Maggie

    Wow !! Absolutely stunning and very trendy.It looks like the views and area are spectacular as well. I don’t believe it could get much better than that in downtown Toronto !!

  • Chalbe

    Love the place and like the area but the view from the master bedroom, especially from the bed, is crazy. Don’t want to open my curtains and have somebody stare at me from the balcony next door.

  • Mike

    Perfect look for when Harvey’s wants to compete with Scaramouche… until then, bring in the dumpsters.

  • havingalook2

    It is one of the greatest I have ever seen you show. Of course all of us – had we the money to buy it – we would likely have the money to tweak it to suit our needs and tastes but the size, location – all just grand. What is a coat of paint on a walk – nothing and easily done. As for the curtain and being afraid of what might be behind it – it is likely a window – that is what most, but not all, are for. The only thing that I would change straight away is that very odd glass wall between the bathroom and bedroom – that would have to go, even if it had of been frosted glass – maybe – perhaps – at a stretch! Good job it comes with staff so they can clean that wall twice a day.
    Each and every single one of you whiners – you would take it in a snap if it was given to you – that would silence the lot of you…

  • Nicki

    RE: Whole Foods – that is just a rumour, and WF has been researchign the area for years. The Minto project is under a lot of scrutiny (rightfully so), so I wouldn’t hold my breath for the Whole Foods just yet. Not that I wouldn’t object to them being here (I live in the area), I just hate the scale of the Minto project. But I”ll take $700 psf for my place!

  • Gabrielle

    “the views are spectacular”. Really?! Go back to the picture of the master bedroom (from the ensuite) and tell me what kind of a view you have there.

    cleaning service is available…at a cost.
    Just because it’s called an amenity, it doesn’t mean it’s free. Nice try though!

    Pass…this place is a definitely an over-priced hot mess!

  • Meow Meow

    It’s pretty cool, but I still hate open kitchens no matter how slick they are.

  • BM

    This is horrible. Looks like someone vomited in it.

  • P

    Absolutely love it! Great taste!

  • george

    This unit has just sold for $1.54M or over $800 PSF.