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Real Estate


Condomonium: $2.3 million for a giant two-level suite in Yorkville

ADDRESS: 3 McAlpine Street, Unit 508


AGENTS: Jim Burtnick and Andy Taylor, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Brokerage

PRICE: $2,250,000

THE PLACE: A two-level, three-bedroom condo in the Domus, a mid-rise building in the upper reaches of Yorkville. The structure’s imposing name matches its commanding exterior—the arched windows are as gothic as you can get without settling for a church conversion.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: It’s not a penthouse, but it’s still the largest suite in the building. Formerly two units, the condo spans 3,600 square feet and boasts two terraces on the east and west fronts.

BIG SELLING POINT: This place has curves. The unit goes beyond the typically boxy condo look with a circular breakfast bar, sloped ceilings on the lower level and a rounded staircase.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Carpet muffles sound and is cosy on the feet, but we must admit that the broadloom throughout the second level looks a touch less elegant than the hardwood floors below.

• $2,250,000
• 3,600 square feet
• $2,887 in monthly maintenance fees
• 17-foot-high ceilings
• 4 bathrooms
• 3 bedrooms plus den
• 2 levels
• 2 terraces
• 2 wet bars
• 2 gas fireplaces
• 2 parking spaces
• 2 storage lockers

  • Peter

    This building is ATROCIOUS – definitely the tawdriest in Yorkville, and looks like one of Saddam’s lesser palaces.

  • Steve Guttenberg

    I had no idea Tom Selleck had listed his super sweet bachelor pad from 1986? For just 2.3 million, I’ll take two! Does it come complete with a giant watercolour of Molly Ringwald? And a lifetime supply of Dippity Do Gel? Such a rad place to showcase, you’ve really nailed it Toronto Life.

  • re-electrobford?areyoumad

    love, love, love the skull and cross bones wallpaper in the bathroom and the vintage nude….pure class, i wish i had a cadillac logo tattoo on my neck so i could fit into blink 182 goes upscale decor

  • anon

    so many adjectives… not sure which one is appropriate for this site. But the first thought that popped into mind was Gross.

  • pc

    This used to be a nice building in the 90′s but it’s become visibly outdated in its exterior and interior amongst all the newer ones in the area. The condo fee’s are simply silly and you can find better value else where.

  • Methinks

    Douche-y. Sorry that I had to lower my vocabulary to that level, but if it walks like a duck…

  • paul

    Photo #6 clearly shows a pylon derrick just off the terrace, any wonder this is up for grabs with that thing hammering away at 7:00 AM till 5:00 PM in order to set the foundations for the building going up 12 feet away.

  • S.

    Could not stop laughing at the ugly decor. Truly ugly.

  • Cruella

    Come on people… look beyond the crappy furniture.. I love it! Amazing…. talk about grandeur… you just have to spend about $400K upgrading the kitchen and get rid of all these den – 3 ? WTF! Could easily be a 4 bedroom….nice layout!!!!

  • Karen Ball

    This must be some kind of joke.This place is hideous.Can`t believe that they thought that the only con in the place was the broadloom on the 2nd floor.I wouldn`t live in this place if you gave it to me.Good luck selling this eyesore.You would have to have more money than brains to buy it!!

  • Tim S.

    that really is quite ugly.

  • EP

    Probably wouldnt decorate it this way, but what an amazing place to live!!! I don’t know why everyone is ripping this place apart? I LOVE IT.


    e.p I’m with you.Get rid of the furniture. The lay out is great.

  • Meow Meow

    Are those cheap plastic flower pots on the fireplace? I agree that it you don’t have anything nice to say… but come on… If you’re going to showcase something over $2.0M with decor like this, you set yourself up for criticism… I think…. p.s. “Dippity Do”. Reminds me of an Aunt… Best laugh all day.

  • peter

    Garbage pick up in Yorkville is on Tuesday’s RIGHT?? Owners should unfurnish the unit and sell it like a blank canvas….totally outdated for the Yorkville buying dollars. Building is also dated, realtor should look to a Eurotrash client or Dubai investor….Locals won’t touch it.

  • ashlee

    gaudy furnishings……but as bare bones space is amazing the master bathroom lets down the rest of the space

  • z

    kids, look past the makeup to see the lady’s face ; without the dreadful decor and wallpaper, this could be a beautiful spot. look at the big window, that pretty stair hall, the terrace. calm down about the posters.

  • Gord

    AMAZING layout! This is what I would like to see more of in TL. Unique properties. This is unlike anything I have ever seen. They are not going to have a problem selling this place. I’ll bet these people were the most down to earth people living in pretentious and snobby Yorkville – from reading the other posts.