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Real Estate


House of the Week: $1.7 million for hockey legend Doug Gilmour’s East York home

ADDRESS: 194 Parkview Hill Crescent

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Old East York/Parkview

AGENT: Drew Homewood, Coldwell Banker Terrequity Realty

PRICE: $1,699,000

THE PLACE: A five-bedroom home on a private ravine lot overlooking the East Don River and conservation lands.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: How many people can say they bought their house off former Toronto Maple Leaf captain Doug Gilmour? While it’s unlikely the Hall of Famer will leave behind any memorabilia, you can still feel closer to the game than the VIPs sitting in the platinum seats at the ACC.

BIG SELLING POINT: The lot is 50 feet by 226 feet, resulting in a backyard big enough for a truly blow-out party. The 300-square-foot deck even has a gas hookup for the BBQ, eliminating the chance of running out of propane at the critical moment.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Most walls in the place are white, with some eggshell thrown in for good measure. That’s good for pristine neat freaks, but if you like a bit more colour in your life, you’ll have to hire some painters.

• $1,699,000
• 4,616 square feet
• 5 bedrooms
• 5 bathrooms
• 2 fireplaces
• 1 previous owner who’s a living legend

  • John

    Best thing about this house ? the Back yard!!!

  • Beezle

    The first floor has a terrible layout. So much wasted space on that ridiculous bowling alley hallway from the front to the back. And no formal living room? No study/office on the main floor? The main floor family room seems weirdly small, especially compared the oddly huge dining room.

    Just very strange.

  • M

    White walls meaning free reign to customize is totally a dealbreaker…

  • Mark

    Pretty lame and boring. Where’s the man cave? And a single car garage? That’s pathetic…

  • cathie

    Another French chateau wannabe infill house. Boring. And how can he afford this? Isn’t he up to wife #4 now?

  • YY

    Love white walls. Can’t believe people paint walls in all kinds of colours and expect buyer to appreciate it? It is a big turn off. Should have thought about what will the best for future sale – DO NOT PAINT WALLS!

  • Kim

    Oh, another McMansion. Yawn. Nothing shows the world faster than a McMansion that you have lots of money and no taste.

  • Hugogirl

    Wow. Why are comments so harsh on little details?It is a great house. It is a good layout for entertaining and bedrooms have ensuites. Who needs a formal living room?! I’m not familiar with the neighbourhood but from where I live, that is good value for house and lot. Love the crisp modern white walls though it doesn’t show well with heavy, traditional furniture and window treatments. I see plenty of personal changes I would make but that is with ANY house, because it is personal.

  • Cosmo Mannella

    Not sure about the area BUT this looks like a good dollar value per sq ft (out of my personal budget zone).
    By Cosmo Mannella

  • Mike

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. At least it will sell quickly…

  • vulcan

    Geez, try google map for this location.
    You’ll see the tiny bungalow house.
    That pic was taken in August 2009.
    It’s amazing that that bungalow turned to be this monster house…
    I just was amazed!!!

  • chalbe

    This is more like a flip, he was living up the street from us on Donlea Drive in Leaside until about 18 months ago.

  • Wiley Canuck

    $1.7 million for that – is that a joke? Certainly not worth anywhere.near that.


    I’ve seen the house (I am a Realtor that works in that area) and it is amazing! Great layout. Kitchen is totally gorgeous – magazine quality and VERY functional. The home is well built. Stunning view of nature – you feel like you are in Muskoka when you look out the back. The neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. Really!

    It does indeed have a living room – because the LR overlooks the dining room they are using the space as one large dining room. With the main floor family room it makes total sense. Especially if you like to have large dinner parties.

    Re: colour – best to stay neutral when selling. Well known fact. SUSAN GUCCI ;)

  • Craptor

    When will people stop placing a TV above a fireplace with a mantle? This is one atrocious design faux pas. From a practical standpoint, the viewing sightlines are absolutely horrible. For comfortable viewing while sitting, a TV should be no more than 3 feet off the ground max. Aesthetically, a sleek new flat panel TV over a traditional mantled fireplace just do not blend well. If you must have a TV over a fireplace, go for a sleek modern mantleless fireplace. Aesthetically pleasing, and allows for much better TV placement and viewing.

  • Franky Ricardo

    Overall nice house, and for what TL has been posting lately, this actually seems like decent value. Its strange how becoming accustomed to seeing over-priced homes makes one like this seem reasonable.

  • Kiran

    There is absolutely no character inside or outside this house.
    Its a cookie cut monster home….thats all it is.

  • Ana

    OH NO! This place is dreadful and certainly not worth that money. There is NO WAY this place will sell quickly. It just amazes me how people can waste money. The outside of the house is ugly then inside is boring and the furnishings are a joke. The stager should find another job entirely. The chairs at all dining tables need to go and the old 70s looking brown couches. Yuck! I swear – why would a good real estate agent put their client’s house on display like this unless they were out to prove a point. Perhaps the owner wouldn’t let them change the decor or lower the price. You rich people who waste your money crack me up.

  • IConIce

    Susan Gucci? Are you for real? That’s a real estate agent’s name if ever I heard one…tasteless and overpriced.

  • Unhappy Buyer

    my advise to the East York buyers, never ever believe or use this realtor, Susan Gucci who is totally unprofessional and lack of ethic from my point of view.