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Real Estate


Cottage of the Week: $3.45 million for a waterfront house (plus farm!) in Prince Edward County

ADDRESS: 94 Soup Harbour Road

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Point Petre, Cherry Valley

AGENTS: Laurie Gruer and Sam Simone, Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage

PRICE: $3,450,000

THE PLACE: A low-slung three-bedroom house sitting on a 158-acre plot of workable farmland near Point Petre in Prince Edward County.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Being at the locus of locavorism. Foodies flock to Prince Edward County for its wines, artisanal cheeses and farm-to-table dining (and there’s even the opportunity for you to participate, since tests on this property’s soil show excellent potential for a vineyard).

BIG SELLING POINT: The property has over a mile of limestone shoreline. Nude sunbathing, anyone?

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Even though a local farmer takes care of the property, urban types may see it as a lot of land to take on.

• $3,450,000
• $1,537.16 in property taxes (2011)
• 6,000 feet of waterfront
• 158 acres of land
• 6 skylights
• 4 bathrooms
• 3 bedrooms
• 2 wood-burning fireplaces
• 1 wood-burning stove
• 1 rustic barn
• 1 local farmer to sow the land

  • Beezle

    WANT. Love it. Kitchen could use some updating, and as they don’t show the bathrooms I suspect there’s some issues there, but other than that, I’ll take it! Of course as I didn’t win the Lotto Max, they’ll have to knock that first number off the price.

  • John

    Love it! and gotta love that property tax…. take me to this cottage oh so perfect. I would live there at wintertime too…

  • Pundit

    Are you kidding me? $3.45MM for stinkin’ Prince Edward County? For this pile of crap? Oh if I could short the Toronto real estate market…..

  • Cosmo Mannella

    Seems like a lot of money for this property, it is not Oakville!!
    Cosmo Mannella

  • Nicki

    @Pundit – why so angry? There is a lot of land and lakefront with the property, not just a house. A house that looks lovely and lived in, not thrown together by a McBuilder. A kitchen with a fireplace and an AGA? Dreamy.

  • urbane

    OK. So the house is worth $450K. The land is $3 million? Not. Pure real estate sillyness.

  • z

    @Cosmo : in Oakville, a 158ac lot with a mile of waterfront would probably cost about $100m

  • Dan Cassells

    please stay in Toronto… all of you.