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Real Estate


House of the Week: $1.3 million for a Dufferin Grove home with its own triathlon pool

ADDRESS: 14 Delaware Avenue

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Palmerston-Little Italy

AGENTS: D. Kathie Wood and Herman Daniel Wood, Harvey Kalles Real Estate

PRICE: $1,349,000

THE PLACE: This recently upgraded three-bedroom home has a one-bedroom basement apartment. It’s also a block from Dufferin Grove Park, which means convenient access to a farmer’s market, a community centre and grass for your pooch.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Neither the shaded sitting area nor the stone water feature is the coolest thing in the backyard—that honour belongs to the triathlon training pool, which will save you from the crowded lanes at the community pool forever. A steady current delivers the feeling of paddling along a river, and an awesome workout.

BIG SELLING POINT: The master loft feels almost like a condo within the house with its raised sitting area, cathedral ceilings, ensuite bath and spacious sleeping and dressing spaces.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: One of the pitfalls of living in a popular area of the city is competition for street parking, and the parking pad in front of the house only has space for one car.

• $1,349,000
• $5,406.10 in taxes (2012)
• 3 bedrooms
• 4 bathrooms
• 2 storeys
• 2 fireplaces
• 1 skylight
• 1 endless triathlon training pool
• 1 double fountain water feature
• 1 parking spot

  • Paul

    By far the best home ever showcased in TL. this is stunning and the use of space is terrific. The layout and design is top notch and to parcel it with an income suite (needs a little work)is amazing.
    I’ll bet it sells for well over the asking price.
    Sure it could use a shot of color here and there but the bones are all in tact.

  • chacha

    The decor is a recipe for suicidal thoughts.

  • suze

    Perhaps,Chacha, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
    & a better idea, show us your home.

  • Appleby

    very nice, the stained glass window is gorgeous. Shame they didn’t leave more of the orginal features. The floors though are just stunning.

  • mookie21

    The house seemed empty and cold, like a baron wasteland. It felt like it had no soul.

  • Bob

    I don’t get the part about the triathlon pool? Where is it?

  • Mel S.

    The problem with so many featured homes is that they don’t look as though anyone actually lives there. I understand that when a home is for sale, there is cleaning and de-cluttering and even staging, but why make a home for sale seem so sterile?

    The best homes look and feel like lives are being lived and enjoyed in them. There is evidence that the home owners cook, entertain and generally enjoy their home.

  • Jacqui

    Meh. Uninspired for that price.

  • Beezle

    New to the internet, suze?

    Those floors are stunning.

    Bob, the square thing in the backyard is an ‘endless pool’, where it’ll have a current you can turn on to practice your strokes. It’s a like a treadmill but for swimming. Not sure why Toronto Life is being all specific about it being a triathlon training pool; it’s for swim training. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t yell at you if you don’t also run and bike.

  • Ve

    How is this home both in Dufferin Grove and Palmerston – Little Italy? Completely different neighbourhoods.

  • peachy

    its ‘ok’sits on the ‘less’disastrous’ end of the do-up continuum.

    where is the pool?

    as for the pointless lounge under the eves i’d have broken that room into 2 kids bedrooms and put bed-decks up top. useful and heaps cooler. use some imagination people.

  • John

    looks can be deceiving from the outside but I love it! Awesome indeed…. but i have never seen another perfectly staged home.. was the $30K to stage it included in the purchase price ? annd are those property taxes for real? I love it… not a fault at all…ssssssoooo perfect! Agree though… TL… if you are REALLY TORONTO LIFE, get a life and get your facts straight on locations- you have done this too many times,know where properties are located.

  • Keith

    In what sense is this house a block from Dufferin Grove?

  • Right

    where’s the POOL?!!

  • Rachel

    The backyard looks like an oasis to me. Beautifully done. Wow. And the inside is so calm and serene. So lovely. And believe it or not some people do manage to keep their homes looking this way (not me mind you). Beats any of the stuff I’be seen posted on HOUZZ recently. If I had the money, the backyard alone would have sold me.

  • Mulva

    Lack of parking….nothing else matters.

  • Jen

    If you put the pool in the headline take a photo (close up) of the pool for $#@$ sake! Really. The house is boring.

  • Ula

    Who design this beauty in Toronto?

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