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Do houses cost way more in Toronto than in U.S. cities?

The list aficionados at Business Insider recently published a roundup of the 15 most expensive American cities for home buyers—and naturally we had to wedge Toronto in to see how it measures up. The American list is based on the median home prices of the third quarter of 2011, so we dug up the median Toronto home price in September 2011, which was $399,450 (or about $389,000 in U.S. dollars)—a figure that would easily crack the American top 10. Toronto would land between the Suffolk-Nassau region of New York at number eight with a median home price of $378,000 (U.S.) and seventh-ranked Bridgeport, Connecticut, at $390,000 (U.S.). And though Torontonians have made a sport of comparing the city to New York, the Big Apple’s prices are still way out of reach at number 2 with a $450,000 median price. (In case you were wondering, San Francisco netted the number one spot.) [Business Insider]

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