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House of the Week: $799,000 for an intelligently designed infill home in the eastern end of Leslieville

ADDRESS: 154 Rhodes Avenue

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Greenwood-Coxwell

AGENT: Susan Delean, Sutton Group Associates Realty

PRICE:: $799,000

THE PLACE: This minimalist infill home, tucked into a narrow lot on a tree-lined street, is part of a new development concept from Kyra Clarkson and Christopher Glaisek. The house is the Yale-educated architects’ response to a market saturated with overzealous (and pricy) renovations of homes that are past their structural prime.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: The two-storey home is a pilot project (it’s even dubbed “MODERNest House 1”)—so if Clarkson and Glaisek’s version of the modernist downtown infill catches on, you’ll be able to say you were first to hop on the trend.

BIG SELLING POINT: It’s nearly impossible to find a detached house in Leslieville for under a million, never mind one that’s move-in ready.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Even if the open-concept floor plan and minimalist design make efficient use of the space, 1,800 square feet (including the lower level) is not exactly huge.

• $799,000
• $2,159.35 in interim property taxes (based on previous home)
• 1,800 square feet (including lower level)
• 150-year-old ash tree in backyard
• 3 bedrooms
• 2 baths
• 1 skylight
• 1 parking spot


    What is going on with this house? Why so many price changes in only 2 weeks!?!

  • jboxx

    Really like this house, but considering the location, I thought $699 was a stretch (the original price).

    The design is stunning, and it’s a good use of space. But like you said, 1800Sq feet (including basement – which would typically be excluded), is not a lot.

    One other thing that I noticed is that all the kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and most of the hardware was from IKEA. Nothing wrong with IKEA, but it will make it harder to get that higher price they’re looking for.

  • notme

    I love the backyard

  • Jung

    Love the skylight and the openness of the house. Nice. Surely not worth $800K but smart owners: cash in on some stupid family willing to pay that much for overhyped Leslieville before the market comes crashing down. Leslieville will be so crashed!!!! Overpriced for nothing.

  • Jacqui

    Love the bright light, but the layout is a little “off” for my taste

  • peachy

    this is great for infill city housing,less fussy, more space. skylight very nice as long as owner can keep it clean (hint: karcher pressure washer). pricewise, you could do worse. so the cupb’ds are ikea – if the house is solid it doesnt matter.

  • Foghorn O’Kalashnikov

    Love the house. This is definitely east east Leslieville though and Rhodes is not the best street around, in my ‘umble opinion, although it’s a lot worse further up. Will be interested to see what it goes for.

  • Steve

    Beautiful house, not a whole of space, but could someone possibly explain the pricing?
    699 original listing, didn’t sell so price was put up to 825 the morning after offers were to have been submitted, 5 days later price drops to 799k..
    At what point does any of this make any sense??

  • Luis

    I like the house, despite being over priced, but they should have considered hiring a stager prior to the photos being taken. Their sense of style lacks personality. If I had the money and got this for a song, I’d hire either Candice Olson or Sarah Richardson to decorate.

  • Sheri

    There’s a lot to like about this house: thoughtful, clean design; logical floorplans. Although this house is small it feels spacious. What I really like, though, is how bright and light it feels; and that’s an accomplishment given how narrow city lots pretty much limit windows to front and back only.

    But 799K is a lot to pay when you’re closer to Little India than you are to Leslieville.

  • anon

    The house looks great. And because its empty you can use your imagination to fill it. However the problems with homes like these in these “types” of neighborhoods is that you always find them sandwhiched btw to sh*t holes as evidenced in photo 20.

  • Laurie Morissette

    Leslieville??? Barely.

  • opl

    Another flipped home…no thanks.

  • Pfft


  • Susan

    With no comparable modern new houses in the area, the
    original price was based on previously sold renovated properties in the neighbourhood. The price has been adjusted, in response to market feedback, to reflect more accurately the design and construction quality.

  • Coxwellian

    Interesting how people believe that being close to Coxwell means it is not Leslieville, it is also not the Beach or Beaches. I guess this house is in the Blackhole between all the good neighborhoods then…. Hmmm…. sounds like a valuable location to me! Good place to speculate on houses as well…

  • robert

    I hate people who believe that because it is near coxwell it is not leslieville,nor is it the beach what is it then?

  • A Leslievillian

    Agree with Robert. Leslieville is bordered on the east end by Coxwell which is the west end of The Beach (and NOT the Beaches as non-locals call it) and given that Rhodes is one block west of Coxwell, this house is IN Leslieville (and you’ll note that this article correctly indicates the house is on the east end of Leslieville). Sorry if this ruins the fantasy for those Leslieville snobs who believe that Leslieville is located in the cool/hip 4 blocks where they live.

  • jeff

    I know the term “house flipper” has a negative connotation, but I am glad to see that some designers are taking the time to build homes with style. Anybody can build a “cookie cutter”, but I am happy to see that despite the inflated price of trades, someone has taken a gamble and made the effort to improve the neighbourhood one house at a time. That area is gentrifying, so nice to see that it won’t be consumed by only massive in fill projects and box stores. Be conscious of change, but embrace growth and style.

  • Foghorn O’Kalashnikov

    It may *technically* be Leslieville but if people are scratching their heads saying “Where is that? Little India?” when trying to find you or place where you live does it matter? No sweat if you love the house/neighbourhood anyway, but it seems some want the cachet that comes with a brand-name locale. I went and gawked in the window of this house last night, I still think it’s a cool little place.

  • Karie

    Absolutely gorgeous. Great style! Suitable for a family, couples, whatever in a fantastic area. A little expensive but definitely move in ready! I’m sure they’ll do more houses in this style!

  • mj

    jbox: why do you assume that the cabinets etc are from Ikea? I actually dont believe that they are-I’ve seen these exact units at Tubs, Tiles Plus and through custom kitchen websites. For sure not true Leslieville, but a very open airy house for a young family wanting to live in the city. The beats the burbs any day of the week,

  • James

    Ha Ha Leslieville, when we moved here 18 years ago no one referred to the area as Leslieville. We would often tell people “You know where the race track is ?” when they asked where we were located. An oldtimer neighbour of ours referred to the area as “$200,000 west of the Beach”. I prefer to call the area Ashbridge after the Ashbridge Estate.

    That’s a nice looking house. I’m sure whoever buys it will enjoy living in Ashbridge.

  • cheese

    Great looking house, but terrible for young families. There’s no way to mount stairgates with the glass walls (pressure ones are no good for tops of stairs), and speaking of glass walls, railings etc, you’ll spend all your time cleaning off the wee ones’ hand prints. So maybe more suited to young professionals or families with school-aged kids.

  • z

    though a little too scandinavian for me, as a fellow architect I will send these two a big box of chocolates if this does catch on to replace the dreadful faux-euro McMansion infills in lawrence/bedford park. unfortunately the city as a whole is too dumb to let that happen

  • Patrick

    Rhodes is right. There’s a lot of regular and interesting housing in this neighbourhood for a lot of diverse folks. I don’t mind people who have to be in some pedigree neighbourhood if that is what is necessary and fulfills them. This is a part of Toronto which was like many parts of Toronto that now have to have title distinction. I know people love to say I live in the Beach, Junction, Queen West, Liberty Village, Leslieville etc- all wishing to be acknowledged. Funny, a lot of people who seemed to have made it don’t go around saying I’m from Forest Hill or Rosedale – I’m glad for all the people in the Coxwell area with it’s multi styled houses . A lot of modernism on Craven Rd too. Houses are being fixed up nicely – seems this neighbourhood doesn’t need to be a Starbucks location.

  • jm

    Would never buy this house. Too small and the outside is ugly. Would never live in it even if was given 2 me 4 free. I like my big sexy looking mcmansions. Even if that means moving to the suburbs