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Real Estate


Condomonium: $1.4 million for a Queen West unit with a very grand, very modern central staircase

ADDRESS: 62 Claremont Street, Unit 4

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Trinity-Bellwoods

AGENT: Paul Johnston, Right at Home Realty

PRICE: $1,375,000

THE PLACE: A one-bedroom, three-level condo with a townhouse vibe. It’s one of eight units in the Claremont Lofts, a former banquet hall built in the early 1930s, and converted into condos in 1999.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Old-fashioned mansions and Gone With the Wind come to mind when we think of grand central staircases, but this walnut version looks uber-modern and act as a handy divider to boot. For instance, on the second floor, the stairs separate the space into a bedroom and sitting room, so there’s none of that “mega-room” feeling that lofts often have.

BIG SELLING POINT: Not only is the rooftop garden massive, it also brightens up the condo—light streams all the way down to the main floor from skylights built into the floor of the terrace.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: The glass-blocked window in the main bedroom doesn’t open, which will be  a letdown to those who sleep better with a bit of night air.

• $1,375,000
• Over 2,000 square feet
• $564.49 monthly maintenance fees
• 22-foot-high ceilings in the living room
• 3 levels
• 2 bathrooms
• 1 rooftop garden
• 1 bedroom
• 1 den (or second bedroom)

  • May

    Gorgeous work. It is great to see this type of design in the city.

  • Michelle

    Damn. One of the only million plus condos I’ve seen that took my breathe away. And that’s low maintenance for a unit this size.

  • tony

    Agree with the other two posters…..very nice place….not ‘typical’ at all….kudos to the designer and especially to the owner who wanted this level of finish and decor.
    This should be an easy sell.

  • cathie

    There is nothing original left in this place. That’s too bad. It is, however, really nice, especially the bathrooms. They need to address that over-grown facade and remove about half of the clinging vine before it gets out of control.

  • Paul

    Nice low mtn fees, then again there is nothing to mtn on the outside. This is perfect to the syaing, never judge a book by its cover – crappy outside but nice indeed. The staircase rocks. the living room is way too cluttered and some more brighter colors could be done inside considering outside is so dark. Overall good value for money me thinks.

  • Paul

    very nice indeed good value and design for the bucks
    heres hoping i win lotto max

  • peachy

    its interesting /nice

    1 bedroom? you lose me ….

  • JK

    The rooftop garden is amazing… I just couldn’t handle a bedroom with no windows that open.

  • Opl

    Seriously, for one bedroom no thank you.

  • Rob

    I was in this loft. It’s amazing. The vastness of the living room space is rare and the view from the loft den above? Wow. I could never have this but lucky is the individual with the taste and style to match this one of a kind in what I think is the best neighbourhood in town.

  • downtowner

    Tiny little kitchen for a loft of this size… not even an island/peninsula! they must not cook and only do ‘drinks’

  • Betsey

    Absolutely stunning!! For the level of finish this is an excellent buy price per sqft with extremely low maintenance fees, in a great neighbourhood and a huge rooftop terrace to boot! It doesn’t get much better. For those who say no to it because it’s a one bedroom…did you miss the second bedroom on the third level?? The current owner is using it as a den/office. Either the listing agent or Monica (writer) is really doing this place a disservice by listing it as a one bedroom. We have a two bedroom plus den, we use our second bedroom as a den/office as well and use the ‘den’ as a formal dining room, but I would never list our place as a one bedroom plus den, totally ridiculous. Also for the kitchen island hater, there is more than enough room to install a large island…some people have no imagination. My deal breaker though would be underground/covered parking.