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The tallest condo in the country could be coming to Bloor Street

(Image: Chris Tyler)

Property firm Morguard is pushing to build Canada’s tallest condo building on top of the Holt Renfrew at Bloor and Yonge, and has irked local councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam in the process. An 83-storey tower is already a tough sell, and then the developers went and submitted the rezoning application though Wong-Tam had asked them to hold off and make some changes (Morguard said it did so to avoid new application fees). The process of rezoning to accomodate a tower with 600 units will likely take over nine months—or longer, given that Wong-Tam has said “the planning staff, the urban design staff, no one is ready to approve this project. It’s got a long way to go.”  The skyscraper would go up steps away from what was meant to be Canada’s highest condo, One Bloor, which was originally envisioned as an 81-storey tower before the 2008 recession hit and a new developer shortened it to 70 storeys. Meaning we’ll believe the “tallest in the country” title only when the ribbon’s cut. [National Post]