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Real Estate


House of the Week: $2.4 million for a contemporary home on Rosedale’s northern edge

ADDRESS: 211 Glen Road

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Rosedale–Moore Park

AGENTS: Christian Vermast, Fran Bennett and Paul Maranger, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

PRICE: $2,350,000

THE PLACE: A modern four-bedroom house at the northern tip of Rosedale, near the walking trails of Chorley Park and down the street from Summerhill Market.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Romano Erba, who designed this house, has the stamp of approval from architect star Carlos Ott (famous for the Opéra Bastille in Paris and skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai)—Erba also designed Ott’s Toronto home.

BIG SELLING POINT: The large backyard, with its well-tended patio and swimming pool, is awfully tempting now that the hot weather has arrived. The long driveway and 3-car garage means there’s plenty of parking for guests, or extra space to spread out more lounge chairs.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Although the house was built in 1993, the clean, contemporary vibe has mostly held up. Still, a few of the features—the glass block walls, for instance—feel a little dated.

• $2,350,000
• $14,185.30 in property taxes
• 3,634 square feet
• 6 bathrooms
• 4 bedrooms
• 3-car garage
• 3 fireplaces
• 2 skylights
• 2 balconies
• 1 in-ground swimming pool
• 1 nanny suite

  • bob loblaw

    Hello Crockett?? Hello Tubbs??

  • opl

    Just because a house or anything is designed or related to a famous architect does not mean it’s good design.

  • Anna

    Feels ‘a little’ dated? Ha.

    That kitchen is really weird looking.

  • cathie

    I don’t like a house where you can’t see the front door from the street. Its the focal point of the house and should be visible (not to mention the safety aspect as well).

  • kardinal fang

    Kitchen looks like it belongs in a motorhome.

  • May

    Good value for Rosedale. Esp with the pool.

  • Scott Harrison

    hideous, hideous house.

  • Paul

    Seems like an industrialized loft… strange.. but for the area, priced OK.

  • peachy

    more 80′s

  • Mike

    Have you seen the e Opéra Bastille? Approval from Carlos Ott should not be seen as a selling point. This house is a pig.

  • tulip

    I LOVE the backyard!!! ohhhh to have a pool like that

  • stella

    I would ditch the tub though scary with the steps I could see myself breaking my neck on that one. Ditto to the pool very nice. It does have a 90′s feel to it doesn’t it. I don’t like all the sterile greys though every room looks the same colour. I would take it if I had the dosh though and do an overhaul

  • Jacqui

    No thanks to this one.

  • bobo79

    And. it’s only two blocks from Summerhill Market. I’d probably end up spending more on their prepared foods than on my mortgage.

  • margarets

    Dear god, this is one ugly house. It doesn’t really have any design unity, unless 80s-with-a-few-90s-updates was the aesthetic they were going for.

  • driver

    It looks like you have to drive down the left side of the house, past the two small gates, and then drive beside the pool to reach the garage… I right? If so, it seems pretty odd – imagine being in the pool with a car driving past!!

  • Ignatz

    I could hear the Phil Collins getting louder with every picture…