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A monster condo project could be headed to the St. Lawrence Market area

(Image: chriskay)

It’s generally agreed that urban planners have done a good job of organizing the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. With its eclectic mix of condos, subsidized apartments, restaurants, shops and hang-out spots, it’s an example of successful urban renewal, and that’s one reason why it made our “Where to Buy Now” list this year. But now there are rumblings of a new mega-condo project  that could give even pro-development types reason to pause. Urban Toronto reports that the Pemberton Group has submitted a proposal to the city to build 1,663 units on an entire city block at Front Street East and Sherbourne. The development would consist of two towers, of 33 and 34 stories each, atop bases of 13 and 17 stories, with retail space on the ground floor. Internet commenters have already started to rage over the project’s scale, so we expect some vocal opposition at public meetings in the coming months. [Urban Toronto]

  • Chan Can

    Of course we in toronto will start to complain and bitch about it.. like everythig else. You ever wonder why we elect officials who are never decisive and ask for too many inputs? Just gte the condos up & running and let people move into the core, spend money, hire workers and let the city grow! This is not Ajax or Oshawa… This is TORONTO!!

  • Chris

    Chan Chan, this is not an anti-growth position, it is an intelligent growth position. Yes, many of the opposing arguments are subjective, but many are in the best interest of a civic-minded city. We have a great deal of growth in this city, and should be proud of much of it, but that doesn’t mean growth should be embraced for its own sake.

  • Paul

    We need to think outsid ethe box in Toronto and stop fighting everything in this city. St Lawrence Market needs a facelift. Its pathetic, this should do it.

  • salernoclaude

    “Very good post…well i think writing this kind of article is a tough job.Thanks for your blog.

  • Stavro

    I think we could all agree that the majority of new condo developments are not so pleasing to the eye.

    Developers will do the bare minimum that meet requirements and allow them to market the product, there is no desire to build a legacy or iconic building, just one that will sell.

    There was one completed in the junction, at keele and dundas west which has better lines and materials used than most others.

    Another at st Clair and Bathurst is a glass monstrosity which will be an eyesore in 10 years

  • torcitizen

    have you ever seen a city with more ugly condos? we will

    i fear become a city of ugly buildings , basically grey concrete and green glass , ……………..

    does not anyone see this?