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Real Estate


House of the Week: $1.6 million for a Scarborough home with hints of Frank Lloyd Wright

ADDRESS: 9 Annis Road


AGENTS: Caroline Ilaqua and Ron Baldwin, Royal LePage Estate Realty

PRICE: $1,650,000

THE PLACE: Architect Wayne Olson transformed a once boring ranch-style bungalow on a hill overlooking the Scarborough Bluffs into a roomy modern home.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Olson took a cue from Frank Lloyd Wright when designing this home—specifically, Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture, which says structures should be in harmony with their natural surroundings. The lofty open-concept house blends into its hillside setting using a neutral palette and top-notch landscaping.

BIG SELLING POINT: Thanks to a 2,100-square-foot main floor, and a 1,900-square-foot, two-storey addition, it’s a lot of house for the price. The backyard isn’t tiny, either.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Living in Scarborough may not have a glamorous ring—though it starts to sound pretty darn nice when you consider this neighbourhood has bluffs with lakefront trails, plenty of trees, parks and close proximity to local golf courses and yacht clubs.

• $1,650,000
• $12,000 in estimated property taxes (based on homes of similar value)
• 4,100 square feet
• 1,900-square-foot addition
• 100 feet of frontage
• 7 skylights
• 5 bathrooms
• 4 bedrooms
• 2-car garage
• 1 fireplace
• 1 heated swimming pool

  • Paul

    This is the toughest one yet on TL. Firstly, cant we just say its located in Toronto since theorectically speaking Scarborough no longer exist? The finishes look basic, even the hardwood floor looks cheap and basic and that wood panel in the ceiling, whats that about. Dont know about over $1.5mil for this pad, its a tough call..I think it needs some serious staging with the appropriate right furniture to get this house off the market.

  • Perry

    I definitely agree above with the right staging that the house could have a lot of potential.

  • Anita

    Hmm.I think this is one of the nicest best bang for your buck home that TL has posted.

  • Rita

    way to light every photo so that it looks like an artists’ rendering of a home not yet built.

  • Gabrielle

    @ Rita – it’s funny cause it’s true!

  • Ben Dover

    Omg – FLW is turning over in his grave. This house is hardly even a hint of FLW’s work. Not great architecture.

  • tfarih

    really? why always so negative peeps. this is a beautiful house. sheesh its hard to make TL readers happy. And Paul- not sure how much you know about reno’s but there is NOTHING cheap about this house or any of the materials that were chosen. Quartz, Cork, heated floors, a billion pot lights and 3 skylights. if you think this is poor quality, you’ll never find happiness…

  • Ricky

    looks like a pretty nice house

  • Cee

    tfarih…. are you the listing agent or the owner? Read & look again.. I think Paul’s comments were good, not being negative but constructive… yours seems to be the negative bashing type. Focus on YOUR opinion and the house and not other readers… its cheap dull wood and floor for an over $1.5 mil house!!

  • kiran

    This is a beautiful house located in Toronto.
    Try findig a house like this anywhere else in the city at this price !

  • Mark

    What happened to the writer with the snarky comments? I miss them!

  • Methinks

    Whoever listed this should fire their staging company. FLW wouldn’t be too pleased. Warm on the outside, cold on the inside. Still a good bargain for the dough. And ya, I miss the snarky writer! Was waiting for a couple of good jabs at this place.

  • yoda

    Ditch all the furniture OBVIOUSLY, but the house has such potential. Enough said just WOW.

  • joan cait

    – We’re looking at re-locating to Toronto and have been house hunting for awhile– have seen many houses that have been the same or more $ that offered much less–If west end wasn’t our target area this would definitely be one we’d check out– beautiful rooms and design– love the main floor areas– kitchen, as well as the view of the house from the street and the backyard.

  • Tony

    re: Joan Cait,
    You can buy a non-descript older builder home, knock it down and rebuild something like this or better for this price. West-end(etobicoke) is full of them.

  • Gail

    Toured the house – nice but not worth $1.6MM. Oh, maybe that’s why the price was dropped to $1.525MM.

    One block north the neighborhood is run down.