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Real Estate


Condomonium: $1.3 million for Charles Khabouth’s Casa Loma suite

ADDRESS: 1 Benvenuto Place, Unit 503


AGENT: Corinne Pencer, Slavens & Associates

PRICE: $1,345,000

THE PLACE: A two-bedroom suite in The Benvenuto, a modernist apartment building designed in the 1950s by Peter Dickinson (the architect behind the Sony Centre and Park Plaza Hotel) that recently went condo.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Though having top-rated restaurant Scaramouche on site is plenty to brag about, this unit has an even more intimate connection to the city’s food and entertainment scene: the current owner is Charles Khabouth, the “king” of countless clubs and restaurateur behind La Société and Briscola.

BIG SELLING POINT: The building is perched on a 4-acre hilltop and this condo faces south. That translates into a view to be envied—for instance, you don’t even need to get out of bed to enjoy the downtown skyline.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: You’ll second-guess whether your friends are coming by to see you, or to munch on lobster at Scaramouche.

• $1,345,000
• $1,070 in monthly maintenance fees
• 1,600 square feet
• 9.5-foot ceilings
• 2 balconies
• 2 bedrooms
• 2 bathrooms
• 2 parking spots

  • Paul

    Very Nice… this is truly a Man’s den. Did you see the stack of LV luggage?! aaahhhh… Love it.. nicely furnished but I wish he would have spiced it up a little instead of taking that dark wood into the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room – seems too much and dark for such an airy place.. reasonably priced too. Nice work TL, for a change!

  • A

    The ceiling are a little too low at 9.5ft.
    But the condo fees are also low, so that’s good!

  • Kevvo

    Very tastefully done. The kitchen and bathrooms are every bit as nice (if not nicer) than those at the Ritz Carlton condos and the location can’t be beat.

  • Parker

    I would argue this neighbourhood is not Casa Loma, it’s Forest Hill. Casa Loma neighbourhood is farther west.

  • mark

    The Motherwell,Wharhol and the Chuck Close pieces come with it?

  • Chalbe

    This is a lovely space, I would use lighter colors though. And it would be nice to see if this unit actually has a view, I don’t think all the apartments are facing south. Another photo should show the size of the balconies since some of us would like to spend as much time as possible outside once it gets warm. I believe the maintenance is low because this is an older building without pool, gym etc. But to be able to walk downstairs to the Scaramouch would make up for these shortcomings.

  • Moi

    “If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.” ~Dorothy Parker