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CityPlace gets both uglier and safer with protective netting on balconies

Balconies of doom? (Image: picturenarrative)

The tsunami of condos in Toronto has raised questions about overheating in the housing market, energy efficiency and, terrifyingly, sprinklings of glass from on high. On that last note, the balconies on three CityPlace high-rises will soon be swathed in lovely safety mesh as a preventative measure against glass mishaps. According to CBC, Concord Adex, which developed CityPlace and is currently developing 25 other towers around the city, uses the same glass purveyor as buildings that rained shards down on the city last year. The netting is meant to prevent accidents (and bad press) and will stay “until a permanent industry solution is identified” (i.e., probably a really long time). Read the entire story [CBC] »