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Real Estate


House of the Week: $7.8 million for a souped-up stone manor in the Humber Valley

ADDRESS: 164 Edenbridge Drive

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Edenbridge–Humber Valley

AGENT: Michael Raso, Homelife/Realty One

PRICE: $7,800,000

THE PLACE: A four-bedroom stone manor on a wooded ravine lot (complete with a private creek) near Royal York Road.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Get lazy in style with your own personal elevator servicing all two and a half floors. And if you decide the sedentary life isn’t for you, the house is across the street from some top-notch walking trails in James Gardens and along the Humber River.

BIG SELLING POINT: This house is made for living large—the wine cellar holds over 1,250 bottles, the foyer boasts a fireplace (in case the hallway gets cold, we guess), the outdoor pool has an actual waterfall, and the laundry room has to be the largest we’ve ever seen (whole apartments could fit in that space).

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: If clean, contemporary light fixtures are your thing, you’ll have a lot electrical work to do—this place is crammed with elaborate chandeliers.


• $7,800,000

• 1,250-bottle wine cellar

• 7 parking spaces

• 6 bathrooms

• 5 bedrooms

• 1 outdoor pool

• 1 elevator

• Just under 0.5 acres of land

  • yoda

    2 chandaliers in every room, must be the owners of living lighting. Nice place but too many crappy looking leather couches everywhere. They just didn’t suit the architectural style of the home. Thats just my opinion but a very nice looking space without the furniture.

  • John

    Wow… Nice.. I could buy this if I won the lottery.. but Yoda .. you are right!!! freaky 2 chandeliers in every room ?! WTF!!

  • Mark

    Wow … So much spent on finishing but not enough to give any soul! The decoration and artwork are pathetic.

  • RJ

    This guy is a builder started at over 12 million, even at 8 million its way over priced….. Doesnt know subtle tasteful only over the top. Guess he’s never done laundry, washer is like 5 feet from the dryer .

  • Gabrielle

    Love the dog doing laps in the pool in every backyard shot!

  • Anita

    I was just thinking the same thing, do the owners of this house have shares in a lighting company?

  • Jess

    here’s an idea: if you’re going to list your house for 8 MILLION dollars – hire A f#$*ing interior decorator to stage your over priced McMansion!
    And wall to wall carpeting in the basement?! In the basement? Really?
    The dog is cute, but the pool is smaller than most of the rugs they own.

  • Moderator

    Calm down Jess… no need to be tacky and rude. State your case in a diplomatic manner. Thank you. The Moderator.

  • sid

    The chandeliers are hilarious in this house, even the laundry room! But there’s none in the second bedroom… must have belonged to their rebellious teen.

  • Danielle

    Wow, good to know that the interiors of McMansions are as gross as the exterior.


    oh boy , thats a very tacky house , anyways its worth about half that!

    if that .

  • A.

    The chandelier in the laundry room is just pure silliness.

    Maybe they bought a case of them at Costco and didn’t want that one to go to waste. although that doesn’t explain how Bedroom #2 escaped having a goofy chandelier in it!

  • Ignatz

    I’m actually going to go out on a limb and say I like it. Difficult to judge if it’s truly worth the cost or not. I think it’s important to ask what people want – even with significant wealth it’s not all the same thing. I almost feel this is ‘middle-class desires with upper class money’, sort of Tony Soprano (no organized crime implication, simply working middle class come into money) vs. Michael Bloomberg (new moneyed aristocracy) desires. Honestly, I’d myself probably choose this over more ‘proper’ homes in Forest Hill or Rosedale. Just two cents.

  • Mia

    This is a very beautiful place.
    The thing is that, as always, new owners bring their personal touch and decorate as they see fit.
    The vino room is very unique and has a mix of medieval and modern.

  • Alexa

    In one word: excessive! Too many chandeliers, too many ugly area rugs, too little nice furniture and zero taste (very “nouveau riche” as someone suggested). You would have to pay me to live there.

  • opl

    Money and style do not always go hand in hand.

  • Spot On

    Hiring a Stager would have been the way to go here (it’s not too late). Remove the rugs to show the beautiful floors, replace the lighting with contemporary pieces – the rooms would have a chance to rise up to meet a more current style. And replace granny’s furniture and the bedding (oy). What happened around the pool? Did everyone pitch in and lend them whatever patio furniture they had?

  • not that there is anything wrong with that

    I find the house very masculine and void of a ‘female’ perspective. I would suggest that it is owned by a male couple. As half of a male couple myself, this is my sense of the style-right or wrong. Drama seems inherent in how we decorate. I think this house was somewhat staged and that one of the owners must love chandeliers.

    I know that I would love to have that wine cellar and that back yard…the rest is easy to change…

  • Biff

    That dog doing laps is hysterical. Probably so excited to have a person there.

  • A.R.

    The interior can always be changed, though it’s worthy of comment since Toronto’s affluent residents should aspire to the best in interior design. But the exterior is disappointing for the investment. The materials are great (save for the generic concrete driveway) with stone facades, shakes, and copper eavestroughs, but it seems like an ambiguous pastiche without much flair, contrast, or artistic flourishes. It’s historicist but not with much passion for historic details.

  • Hermes Addict

    Why spend the $ there when you can live in Rosedale- or rather Ramsden Park, – and be stylish to boot!

  • E

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! cold and antiseptic
    Nice dog house though.

    ahhhh the 1% – so much cash