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People are actually buying condos snuggled up to the Gardiner Expressway

(Image: Neil Ta)

Further proof (as though we needed it) that Toronto is condo crazy: buyers are snapping up units in towers pressed right up against the Gardiner. The Toronto Star spoke to Lanterra Developments CEO Barry Fenton, who insists that he has easily sold condos at eye-level with the expressway, and argues that highway-side buildings are simply a reality of Toronto’s in-demand downtown. Some agents believe that most of the condos are going to investors who buy them sight-unseen, then rent them to busy people who spend little time at home. However, Fenton insists the Gardiner—yes, that Gardiner—is “an attraction as opposed to a distraction,” because “it’s very soothing” to watch the cars go by. Um, OK. Read the entire story [Toronto Star] »