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Real Estate


House of the Week: $2.7 million for a glamourous Victorian in Yorkville

ADDRESS: 28 Belmont Street


AGENT: Carol Lome, Royal LePage/J&D Division, Brokerage

PRICE: $2,749,000

THE PLACE: Located within walking distance of the Mink Mile and Ramsden Park, this glitzy Victorian’s crystal chandeliers, coffered ceilings and decorative wrought iron details on nearly every window give it a glamorous, old Hollywood feel.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: The home is tricked out with a sophisticated Control 4 home automation system, which operates the temperature, fireplaces, security system, lighting, sound and media through a handy wall-mounted keypad.

BIG SELLING POINT: The long galley kitchen provides an added layer of distinction and opulence with huge detailed windows, stainless steel appliances, integrated seating and crystal chandeliers. It’s the kind of room everybody wants to be in, all the time. Kitchen Living magazine even featured it in its annual entertainment issue.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: With five wall-mounted TVs already installed, you’ll never miss a moment of the big game, or a Seinfeld rerun. That’s not always a good thing.

• $2,749,000
• $8,295.95 in property taxes
• 5 flat-screen TVs
• 4 fireplaces
• 4 car parking
• 4 levels of living space (including walk-out basement)
• 4 bathrooms
• 3 bedrooms
• 1 large rooftop terrace
• 1 Murphy bed

  • Mel S.

    Wow. Absolutely stunning.

  • Pee

    here is an incentive to keep playing Lotto Max… awesome! But please get rid of that odd grandpa chair at the dining table.. really really nice place…

  • Chalbe

    Love this house! Great renovation and the location is almost perfect, great access to highways and the subway is a short walk away, yeah must win that Lotto Max…

  • downtown dweller

    love it!

  • Jacqui

    Lovely. I’d have to start watching television there!

  • Veronica

    Wonderful location, I can walk to Bloor and my office. Wow!! Parking for 4 cars and close to the park? My dog and I would love it.

  • M

    LOVE it! Anyone know what type of hardwood floor that is? Its a great colour!

  • Patrick

    Beautiful reno, unfortunate that the exterior brick had to be painted.. makes me wonder about future maintenance. I really love the blonde coloured floor (natural maple or birch for those interested)against the dark railing, staircase, and countertops. Works well in my books! Otherwise I think the negative comment on the flat screen TV’s was a bit petty and I find all the chandeliers a bit fussy for my taste. Nothing that isn’t easily changed tho.

  • danielle

    Patrick… If you can afford that house, I don’t think ‘future maintenance’ should be a concern.

  • M

    Thanks Patrick!

  • Baboon

    This house is underpriced to start a bidding war, my guess is it will be sold >$3.5m.

  • Darcy

    Great home, unfortunately it is on a street that is a key short-cut for anyone going to or coming off the Don Valley Parkway, from Rosedale Valley Rd. Go see for yourself at 8:30am or 4:30pm… it’s a zoo. The residents campaigned to have the left turn off Davenport removed – and they did for a while. But it was recently reinstated and the traffic is as crazy as ever. Small caveat, but for 2.75 million… I might choose a quieter road.

  • Lovely house, hate the furniture

    Is it just me or has this house been poorly staged?

  • cat

    Love the home, the details, contrast in interior materials ….furniture doesn’t work with this place. We can use our imaginations.

  • Calirocks

    Wow, great house. If it was 600k. Who on earth would buy a renovated rat maze that is conveniently located close to……..nothing. You know what we call yorkville in Chicago , New York, San Diego, ( etc etc)? We call it a neighborhood . I love real estate agents that talk about location in Toronto. Really? Location to what? PizzaPizza, the most useless subway on earth, your “parkettes” lol – Views ? Views of what? The ugliest big city in western world……rise up Toronto , you are all getting so screwed over. What a huge pyramid scam run by about 30 of the richest families in the city…….Don’t worry I’ll let myself out.

  • Jam

    In June 2008 this house was for sale at $1.399 – (this was before the crash that changed the world) – and now they are asking $2.7….madness.

    Way OVERPRICED! Although, very nicely reno’d, the location is not Yorkville. Very busy street and nothing around. Too bad.

  • RD

    Calirocks — if you hate Toronto so much, why are you reading Toronto life?

    Yes. New York, Chicago etc. are wonderful cities. I’m sure you would pay a lot more for this kind of house in those locations to compensate for that.

  • Reality

    Love the floors and the elbow room but it looks so ‘cold’. No coziness. Would hate to have to clean those windows lol. The only thing that would get me to buy it is the built in shelving in that one room. It make a great office area. Mind you, lol, I can just see the grandkids having a good run in that hallway by the stairs and then sliding on the floor :)

  • Mia

    Beautiful home!

  • Ben

    this house is incredible!

  • Sarah

    Wow this house looks gorgeous, I love the old world charm they have maintained. I love this street it is full of charming old heritage houses dating back to the Victorian era. It’s like a little slice of old Britain that’s why this street has historically gone up so well over time. The location is great you can walk to everything subways all of the cute Yorkville shops and restaurants, pharmacies, dry cleaners etc. everything. By the way Yorkville ends at either MacPherson or marlbough so it’s definitely Yorkville. The only thing I don’t like about this house is the painted brick. It kind of takes a little away from the outside charm. But I would grab it in a moment if I had 2.7 mill. One can dream!

  • Marilyn

    Wish I was in the market for that house and what a great location good luck and all the best Carol

  • Sandra

    Not A big fan of the traditional and the decorating is a bit busy for me, but having a detached home in Yorkville with parking and all of that space would sweet! The location is awesome, whoever says that there is only a pizza place nearby obviously doesn’t know Toronto or Yorkville. Too bad you have to pay Yorkville prices to be in Yorkville! Sandra

  • jed

    Canadians must be insane. I’d be getting a country estate for that price anywhere else around the world.

    A big hurt is coming to your country.

  • belmont

    There is a lot of traffic to Rosedale Valley Rd and the DVP on Belmont.

  • Jam

    Everyone writing that this is a great location has ZERO knowledge of this area. Too much traffic on Belmont – and NOT YORKVILLE – yes it’s close to the Rosedale subway, that’s it. It should be priced for under $2mill.

  • Kelly

    The Canadian housing market is in so much trouble.. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Suicide_Boi

    2.7 million for that piece of crap? Look at it! It’s on a DVP offramp and backs on to a city maintenance garage. They’re even building a condo skyscraper kitty-corner to it on Pears.

    You guys are insane.

    For that much money you could live in a real city!

    (I’m stuck here against my will.)

  • Methinks

    Wow, I guess Calirocks still owes on parking tickets in the T-Dot. Thanks for coming out and holding back. Enjoy those pesky Republicans and don’t let the door slam you in the whatsit on your way out.

    More importantly, this property is stunning.

  • stephanie

    This place is really nice. I love the vintage decor inside and out. Too bad its way beyond my price range. these days its hard to tell whats overpriced or not, but the location is fantastic. Im looking forward to the market slowing down.