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Real Estate


Condomonium: $849,000 for a Rosedale condo that’s actually the top floor of a house

ADDRESS: 80 Crescent Road, Unit 3

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Rosedale-Moore Park

AGENT: Eleanor Bohm and Evan Sage, Sage Real Estate Limited

PRICE: $849,000

THE PLACE: A two-bedroom penthouse in a South Rosedale mansion that recently went condo. Each floor in the house is now a separate unit, and there are plans for a green roof and other landscaping flourishes around the property.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: The building’s architectural pedigree will make the city’s bluebloods swoon. Eden Smith designed the house in 1896, and his fingerprints are on some of the city’s stateliest buildings: the arts and crafts-style homes in Wychwood Park, the Carnegie libraries and Upper Canada College.

BIG SELLING POINT: For someone who balks at the inhuman scale of forty-storey condo towers, this penthouse has the homey feel of, well, a house.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: While vaulted ceilings look charming in the living room and bedrooms, the awkward angles of the galley kitchen might feel a little cramped. Watch your head when rummaging through the cupboards.

• $983,000
• 1786 square-feet
• $640.45/month maintenance fees
• 2 bedrooms
• 1 bathroom
• 1 patio
• 1 gas fireplace

  • TorontoDude

    Good luck with that! Regardless of the stellar location, $1 million for an attic with arborite counters is a joke.

  • js

    ridiculous. The space is hideous… more like a $1500/mth rental

  • chris

    Good Luck with the sale on this …I think you would have to be out of your mind to pay 983k for a place that looks like an attic ! Who cares where it is ….and its a crappy kitchen too.

  • Cee

    Wow! interesting indeed.. I would not knock it so quickly. The concept and idea is a genius..wonder who much the other parts of the house is worth/selling for ? Someone wants to make a quick ca$h here. The space is huge, but $1mil for a kitchen thats creepy and small and you have to bend sometimes ? Bathroom is awful with those 2 washer/dryer in the bathroom ? The maint fee is madness!!! For what ? A door man that does not exist? concierge? pool ? WHAT?! Come on, Toronto.. lets not start getting ahead of ourselves.

  • Huuk

    What a joke. If it was offered at $400K in 99% of cities in Canada or the US it still wouldn’t sell. This bubble in the GTA is going to bankrupt anyone that buys in 2012. Does someone buy this unit and think ‘in 5 years, it could be worth more!”?

  • yoda

    Quasimodo would love to live here provided he only look inward. What a piece of crap, not one wall to put a bookshelf, good luck with that is right!

  • lola

    For $1m, they could at least put a bit of effort into staging. Agree with the others, the ceilings look about 6 feet high. The quirkiness is fun but not for this price.

  • DES_toronto

    A horrible space! What some people will do to get a Rosedale address. But what happens when your friends actually see the ugly little nest you live in?

  • KH

    This makes me sick.

  • Donald


    This will sell to a visiting 2 year tenure CEO, with guaranteed buy back clause.

  • BG011

    On your first day moving in, Ashton Kutcher jumps out of the oven to inform you that you’ve been Punk’d!

  • Chad

    BG011…that is a killer comment but oh so true! LOL.. Did anyone click on the agents name & web site… seems more like home marketers than realtors or more like stagers. Strange place and overall bizarre!!

  • James

    Even with the great location, this would be ridiculous at half the price – just look at the (better) comps! Also, the listing agents should seriously look into their RECO requirements for measuring square-footage with sloping ceilings. If someone ever actually sells this condo, the cooperating agent (or even worse in multiple representation) could easily be in serious trouble. Just wait for the lawsuits!

  • Jessica

    What?? I mean maaaaaybe – if it was actually a finished space! The updates are cheap. A million and they couldn’t get this place outfitted. Wow. Just wow.

  • Jane
  • Jane

    James: In resale home market, the agent will compare the recent sold price and list the property price. There are a lot of sold more than a million in the same size in downtown area. So I think this is a good price as long as there is people buying it. Lawyers, CEO, new immigrate will buy. Do you know how much money Canadian government needs to show from the new immigrates? — 1.6 million Canadian $$$$. And there are a lot of people tried to immigrate to Toronto and they have to take a line for a few years. The average price in North York C14 is 1.1 million up till January, 2012.

  • Eng

    This is a joke right! NOTHING about this space says million dollar property! I bet you if Mike Holmes would get his hands on this he would find tons of hidden issues with this. I bet you it’s not even up to code. So that stair is a common stair?

    Did you see that cheap kitchen !?! How about the ridiculously small balcony with cheap tiles! What exactly does the $640/month condo fee covers? Come on!

    How far will greed go !?! What’s next? Let’s divide this attic in two separate unit? Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Nick

    What exactly are the maintenance fees for? Did I miss the gym, pool, visitor parking, concierge, party room, and theatre?

  • mike

    Thats in line with the area, face it people. If you know how much it cost to live in rosedale you wouldnt comment.

  • Raj

    Eng, you realize that Mike Holmes is a huge drama king, right? Mike Holmes often finds legitimite issues. The problem he he proceeds to identify tiny things that aren’t problems, or that are very minor, or that occur in nearly every home, or that are common to the age/build/quality of any similar house, and flips out for the sake of TV. Mike Holmes puts the actor in contractor.

  • Ignatz


    I think I rented a place like this in college for $700 a month…

  • Matt

    If you can’t afford to live in Rosedale, stop commenting!

  • Ignatz

    Matt: What makes you think the commenters can’t afford to live in Rosedale?

  • Ben

    Is this a joke? A DISGUSTING slanted roof kitchen, two bedrooms, no private yard, wall to wall carpeting, a bathroom that looks like something out of a tub-fitter commercial. Get it together you crooks – for FAR less you could actually own a house that you could then divide up into far nicer apartments and make a fortune off of. What a waste, anyone who buys this is either lazy or a fool. Or both.

  • Ben

    and back to Matt: what makes you think that anyone who could afford to live in Rosedale would be so bad with their money that they would see this as a wise investment? Nobody with an ounce of financial sensibility or success would ever allow the owner to make such a profit at their expense.

  • Really?!

    I’d buy it, but they would have to throw in a life-time supply of Advil (for all the headaches I’m going to get from bumping into the ceiling/walls). In Cabbagetown, $980K would get you an entire 2500 sqft house!

  • Yosh

    I wonder if Toronto Life brings such property to create discussion amongst readers or to push the property. What does it take to get your “for Sale” advertised here? Is it money? being over the top? great bargain? The agent behind this property certainly has the connections. I can only wonder about the cost of the units downstairs.

  • Julie

    I don’t like this at all. I can’t see someone spending that much money on a place like this.

  • gt

    this makes me sick….greed greed greed…….what a real joke. a million dollars for a really disgusting and very uncomfortable place….and who cares if it’s Rosedale!

  • Matt

    Whom I am kidding, I am a total pretentious loser but even I know a million dollars for this is a joke.

    Is that uncomfortable looking couch from King Tut’s tomb?


    PS don’t hate me because I am an idiot.


  • Laurin Jeffrey

    The funny part is that all the people who are deriding this are people not in the industry. I do this for a living, every day, and can tell you it makes perfect sense. I have clients every day looking for something like this.

    You may think it is a joke, but you are not a potential buyer, nor a real estate agent. Someone will buy it, I guarantee you that.

    Which just proves that people who are outside the business do not understand it but are willing to throw nasty words around about some photos and a description on a website.

    The unit just below this one sold for 30% more than this one is listed for. In fact, it sold in a week – how is that for strong demand?

    And there are many others like it in the area, and they sell all the time. Just as the houses that are worth millions more sell all the time.

    You can not like it, call it greedy, mock it all you want. But your opinion does not change reality.