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Real Estate

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Scotiabank could rake in $1 billion from the sale of its flagship tower

Scotia Bank is selling its flagship tower(Image: End User)

Not content to let the Flatiron building hog the headlines, Scotiabank is getting ready to unload its flagship tower, and real estate gurus believe it could fetch a cool $1 billion. If projections are correct, it would be the most ever paid for a single office complex in Canadian history (and proof that Toronto’s condo market isn’t the only real estate sector that’s hot hot hot). The red granite building at King and Bay stands tall at 68 stories, which works out to nearly $15 million per floor—and by now, we all know just what $15 million can buy. Read the entire story [Globe and Mail] »

  • James Blair

    Anyone wanna do a joint venture and buy this place! hahahah.. well if not, maybe Hit me up @ and let’s talk and maybe we can buy something with 3 less zeros! hahaha