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Real Estate


Condomonium: $3 million for an arty, three-level condo with a sense of drama

ADDRESS: 468 Wellington Street, unit 201

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Waterfront Communities–The Island

AGENT: Brandon Ware and Eric Kuzuian, Private Service Realty Ltd.

PRICE: $2,990,000

THE PLACE: A museum-like loft in the exclusive, idiosyncratic Butterick Publishing building—a century-old low-rise in which each of the 10 ginormous units (which average between 4,000 and 5,000 square feet) is completely unique. 

BRAGGING RIGHTS: With 6,000 square feet spread over three levels, you could probably house up to 10 typical Toronto bachelor pads in this place.

BIG SELLING POINT: Real estate agents often recommend condo hunters go for units that have at least one standout feature. It helps ensure strong resale value and makes a place stand out against all the glassy, über-modern condos across the city. Well, this red-walled, eccentric loft has dozens of standout features, including a wicked central staircase and Ferrari-red kitchen.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Unfortunately, none of the curios—like the penguins in the master bathroom—come with the place. Once the mini museum is cleared out (a world-travelling collector lives here), you’ll likely end up buying ceremonial Bolivian masks and stuffed ostriches in a futile attempt to restore the space to its former glory.

• $2,990,000
• 6,000 square feet (approximately)
• $1,110.04 in monthly maintenance fees
• 12-foot ceilings
• 3 levels
• 3  bedrooms
• 3 bathrooms
• 2 den areas
• 2 parking spots
• 1 private elevator

  • Debbie

    Does photo 6 also have a stripper pole? Who is this person?

  • lola

    Where the heck is the agent here? How can they possibly ask this price given that this place is completely overrun with curios of a quesionable taste. It looks like there’s some good bones here but this place is so poorly presented its laughable.

  • sid

    This is where the Most Interesting Man in the World lives.

    Seller should dress like him and charge admission for visits.

  • Mel S.

    You can’t even see the condo for the owner’s collections which are morbid, creepy and hideous. Takes all kinds, I guess.

  • Bebe Lizardo

    Anyone in the know would know! If anything, the realtor should add a mill to the asking price, for the ghost factor alone!

  • seraf

    This apartment belonged to a very interesting and respected man. Please focus on the apartment and not on the contents as they are priceless.
    It’s not about taste, it’s about collection. There is actually a remarkable story here.

  • Nigel Denham

    Eclectic taste aside it phenomenal space and extremely low maintenance fee’s for that kind of sqftage… I want to party with this guy, didn’t anyone notice the stripper pole at the foot of the bed ? Awesome !

  • garamon

    Hard to focus on the apartment when it is being utterly overpowered by these…let’s call them artifacts.

  • Bebe Lizardo

    Hey Nigel, if you want to party with this guy you might catch up with him on a barge on the River Styx. When you cash in your air miles, note that it’s a one-way ticket! Who knows,
    maybe Christopher Hitchens will be there too!

  • Dan
  • Friend

    Bill was a fascinating and generous man. Toronto was lucky to have such a interesting collector who was always happy to share. Many of us are still mourning his untimely death – which occurred in his condo, now up for sale.

  • Peter212

    Oh Man Oh Man… this is awesome but its going to take another $1mil to turn this place upside down. but its a bargain for the price and the maint fee is low.. I think I am going to sell my retarded Trump Tower condo which seems like it will never open /built and make an offer on this amazing space… Love it!!!

  • Caitie

    I think this place is just awesome. It feels like a museum without the “Don’t Touch” aspect and I love that.

    I would live in it just the way it is (well, nix the stripper pole in the bedroom).

  • BG011

    The bedroom gave me a boner!

  • Ignatz

    Looks like a monument to a life well-lived. Assuming the property is appropriately priced based on size, location, quality and amenities. Underneath the contents, it is a lovely home even with more conservative tastes.

  • Kat23

    What’s a “condomonium”?

  • Johnathan Vrozos

    Bill was a GREAT guy and friendly guy. He also had some of the City’s best parties.
    Sorry to see him go.
    by Johnathan Vrozos

  • sugarsugar

    nifty! not to everyone’s taste, but what a collection! it’s a shame he passed so unexpectedly; each of those pieces probably has a heck of a story behind it.

  • betsey

    It is a shame this lovely and fascinating person is no longer with us and his home was definitely a tribute to his personal passions. Unfortunately 99.99% of the population are not going to appreciate this and the selling agent should understand that his tastes will not appeal to most potential buyers. Clear it out and paint it a neutral tone and it will be sold in a heartbeat at $500 a sqft with those low condo fees; this is a great space in a fantastic building.

  • Jaime McConomy

    A great space to host an event or dinner party!….

  • John B.

    I´m amazed, this looks wonderful… So sad I have no money haha

  • Dawn Chapnick

    Please contact me via my email . Thanks you.

  • oh

    I like the vast amount of space and that bathroom is nice tho it reminds me of the 80s and coke for some reason…apart from that you’d think the resident of this place could have some taste or at least hire an interior decorator who does but whatevs, must be nice to live in such a place!