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Real Estate


Condomonium: $1 million for a two-level penthouse in the Fashion District’s District Lofts

ADDRESS: 388 Richmond St. West, Penthouse 4

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Waterfront Communities–The Island

AGENT: Steven Fudge, Bosley Real Estate

PRICE: $1,095,000

THE PLACE: A two-level penthouse in the Fashion District’s District Lofts community. Built by Context Developments and designed by ArchitectsAlliance, the 14-storey U-shaped twin towers won a bunch of awards, including the 2003 City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award of Excellence and an Innovative Building Award from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: The 300-square-foot terrace has been featured in the New York Times and Home and Garden Canada for its nod to more northerly terrain. Wooden trellises, a large boulder and planters filled with dwarf evergreens mean you can pretend you’re in a Group of Seven painting (well, one with the CN Tower, at least).

BIG SELLING POINT: A living space designed with intelligence. Light pours in from all sides, and the master suite is tucked away from the entrance and the entertaining space on the second floor. Parties and privacy need not be mutually exclusive.

POSSIBLE DEAL-BREAKER: The terrace was designed for non-gardeners, but it still needs some upkeep. Sure, you don’t have to mow a lawn, but a condo with its own landscaping demands isn’t always what a young, single, social-climbing, workaholic young professional wants in a trendy new home.

• $1,095,000
• $948 a month in fees
• 1,700-square-foot interior
• 300-square-foot terrace
• 12-foot ceilings
• 2.5 bathrooms
• 2 bedrooms
• 2 gas fireplaces
• 2 floors
• 1 movable view

  • Steven

    This Is Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous!

  • bobbyrenfro

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  • Graham Hawkes

    Shouldn’t your headline be Condomania? Or at very least condominium?

  • Peter212

    Nice indeed… did I miss the stairs to the upper level as its 2 level?!

  • John

    Young single professional? Which profession would one have to be in to be able to afford this place?

  • RJ

    This is the city of Toronto a millon dollars (sorry to say) doesnt buy you alot in the way of real estate.

  • Kelly

    Lucky builders – “lofts” means they don’t have to finish the ceilings or the structural columns, not a lot of trim work, etc. Anyone else tired of that raw concrete, big tin duct pipe look?

  • me

    love the terrace ………..sigh

  • LordWanker

    Love the simplicity of the raw concrete, industrial duct pipe look. Not a fan of the maple cabinetry though. Overall a cosy home.