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CN Tower reclaims some of its dignity with a Guinness World Record for EdgeWalk

Apparently, lightning can strike twice—the CN Tower claimed a new world record (Image: picturenarrative from the Flickr pool)

The CN Tower has had a rough few years. First it lost the world record for the world’s tallest man-made structure to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Then it lost its status as the world’s tallest tower to the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China. And then the Burj Khalifa claimed the title of the world’s highest restaurant too, leaving the CN Tower with only the dubious accolade of world’s highest wine cellar. But this week, Torontonians have reason for some tepid celebration, now that the city’s beleaguered landmark has a new Guinness World Record—that of highest external walk on a building. A certificate was presented to officials Tuesday on the EdgeWalk itself: a 1.5-metre-wide ledge 356 metres above the pavement. We’re happy the tower is still pulling in the records (even if we think “Most certain death from an attraction mishap” might garner more attention). Read the entire story [Huffington Post] »