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Real Estate


House of the Week: $1.6 million for an Annex condo with a one-of-a-kind view

ADDRESS: Unit 2002, 1 Bedford Rd.


AGENT: Vicky Tal and Meir Gluzberg, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

PRICE: $1,629,000

THE PLACE: This 20th-storey unit in the newly completed One Bedford condos is defined by a beautiful south-facing view of the Toronto skyline and a variety of custom finishes: a leather-upholstered wall in the master bedroom, a light box in the master ensuite shower, his-and-hers master closets, a custom kitchen by Paris Kitchens and, of course, a wall-mounted iPad to control the sound system.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: A one-of-a-kind view. One of the first to buy in the building, the original owner actually stood on Bloor Street to line up his front door directly with the CN Tower. Walk into the apartment and the city’s tallest structure looms right in front of you. As well, the bulkheads, which traditionally sit in front of the windows, are moved back to provide an unobstructed view of downtown.

BIG SELLING POINT: That sweet south-facing view is essentially protected. Because Varsity Stadium sits immediately in front of One Bedford and many of the buildings between it and downtown are heritage properties, rival condo towers won’t usurp the sweeping vista any time soon.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: The proximity to the University of Toronto and the student bars in the Annex may provide too much unadulterated noise, chatter and unruly behaviour for a downtown professional.

• $1,629,000
• $956.81 monthly maintenance
• 1,521 square feet
• 105 square foot balcony
• 3 bathrooms
• 2 bedrooms
• 1 wall-mounted iPad
• 1 Danby wine fridge

  • bar

    I love it!!!

  • Kim

    Since when is a wine fridge called a wine cellar? Really?

  • Steph

    Thev views are remarkable, but why oh why would anyone mount a t.v. on the diagonal in the living room and take away from it all? Pity.

  • Judy

    I love the pic descriptions more than anything…

  • Deb

    I walk by this building everyday. It is very unexceptional from the outside. The condo itself looks pretty tight for the money and I wonder why the owners are already on the move if it’s so great. I know for a fact that the stadium across the street can be very loud…

  • M. Schonbek

    Nice view but it’s still just a box in the sky for $1.6.

  • nicole

    hey ‘kim’ it was a joke! invest in a sense of humour or a comprehension course

  • Jam

    $1,071 per square foot? Really?
    where do they get off asking Yorkville prices –
    The condo is nice – but you walk out and are faced with Tim Horton’s filled with students and a subway line and a bus terminal, yuck.
    This whole building is filled with ‘For Sale’s’….either ton’s of investors are unloading to make a profit before interest rates go up OR it’s not a great place to live long term.
    I suspect weatlthy Hong Kong parents will be the main buyers, so their kids who are students at U of T won’t have to endure anything less….

  • BG011

    Damn you Hong Kong DAMN YOU!!!

  • Jonny

    It’s disappointing that’s all you get for $1.6 million. Many of us couldn’t dream of affording it anyway. I’m no interior designer but it’s really nothing outstanding (except for the views and windows). Don’t the fixtures and decor sort of scream Ikea? Sad.

  • Jackontrack

    DWFL @ that TOASTER OVEN!!!!!!! LOL
    Really? for this much money , go to The Ritz… you are buying in a brand name. Meet a nice chick,she ask where do you live ? The Ritz! NOT One Bedford… duh! But nicely decorated though….indeed….Some really good bang on comments here : Why wait in line and yearn for this place and then sell ? Duh… unless you are making at least 50% profit…

  • Daniel Bloch

    Love this unit! Nice job guys, wish I had a buyer for you!

  • Anna

    1.6 million for a 2 bedroom apartment? Imagine how many people could be given a home for that amount of money. That’s what’s wrong with world. Wasting money. Save money – get out and live in your city – live the view instead of paying for one.