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Real Estate


House of the Week: a mansion in the sky at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences

ADDRESS: 183 Wellington Street West, Unit 4304

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Waterfront Communities–The Island

AGENT: Cynthia Goodchild, Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage.

PRICE: $20,000 per month

THE PLACE: A one-year lease for a suite on the 43rd floor of the brand spanking new Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: If Toronto is the centre of the universe, then you’re on top of the world (you know, like Leo). The suite offers stunning south- and west-facing views of the CN Tower, the Rogers Centre and Toronto Island and beyond. Really, it’s the closest thing to doing EdgeWalk, only without the nagging fear of falling to your death.

BIG SELLING POINT: Living in a hotel. A home in the Ritz means an in-house gym, an indoor swimming pool, room service, housekeeping and your own concierge. Now you’ll truly be putting on the Ritz.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: If you’ve secretly longed to live in a hotel ever since you read Kay Thompson’s Eloise series of children’s books, you might be disappointed. This suite isn’t quite a “room on the tippy-top floor.”

• $20,000 a month in rent
• 3,240 square feet
• 42-inch Sub-Zero refrigerator
• 11-foot ceilings
• 3 bathrooms
• 2 + 1 bedrooms
• 2 parking spaces

  • Jane

    Actually, Leo was “king” of the world but who am I to quibble.

    Nice digs, but after looking through the photos $20,000 a month seems a tad steep.

  • nic

    Beige bland and boring

  • BG011

    A lovely home… for some filthy rich granny!

  • Designergirl

    Could someone have staged it better? The drapery made it look cheap…There was not enough accessorizing- needing some plants etc. to give it life and colour!

    For $20,000/month- it was sure not “Ritzy” or glamourous enough…more like the inside of a paper bag.

  • Sybrandt

    I totally agree, the staging of the place was terrible! What is with the butter silk curtains everywhere, and the light fixtures were very poorly chosen. I was expecting to see glamour and ritz, perhaps in a 1930′s hollywood styled apartment, but instead we have a sparsly furnished, cold cream on beige interior that doesn’t really showcase the space. The lobby was way nicer than the suite!

  • Daniel

    Yup the staging is extremely poor, most likely the Realtors stager. Way to many chairs, and a 6 seat dining area, cmon!

  • The Pontiff

    Somebody get SRichardson on the line….

    Looks like a suburban home being staged by the children to cash-in on their parents nest-egg.

    Horrible staging.

    A blind foreigner with $ to launder will be suckered into this, no doubt.

  • pickypants

    My my, looks like TF hauled the funny captions writer out for this one. I rather like nuggets of snippy goodness under each photo.

  • af

    the drapes looked wrinkled and cheap

  • Knotigal

    Did the caption writer get up on the wrong side of the bed, or was he/she just pissed off that he/she could never afford to live here?

  • Paul

    Very Very Beige and not much else. It should have been spectacular and it wasn’t even close. The only room with any grab factor was the bathroom.

  • Heidi Brostrom

    Good taste and money have often been mismatched.

  • Jack

    Is this a joke? I feel like I’m looking at some corporate housing rental on Queens Quay. With spaces like The Gluckstein Suite at The Hazelton Hotel residing in our city this leaves so much to be desired. Not worth a mention, let alone a feature.

  • condo buff

    Oh My! this is so cold and unwelcoming! Thankfully the bathroom did not have to be furnished, it was the only half decent room in the entire place. The only spectacular thing about this condo is the view. Whoever staged this…should be fired! They have very poor taste.

  • 456

    terrible captions.

  • Pedro

    Love the captions! Someone over at Toronto Life has a life!

  • Nik

    Why is there a chair right behind the dining set chair? It just looks so awkward. Put a big guy in that seat (there’s a good chance that the old person who rents this white and beige cake might be big) and he’s going to push his chair right into the other chair. It’s bothering me. That’s all.

  • justme

    more money than taste, for anyone foolish enough to take on this lease