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Mark Wahlberg purchases an exclusive penthouse property in the city that saved his life

(Image: S Pakhrin)

TIFF is still a few months away, but the celebrity sightings are already starting. In the last week alone, Robert Pattinson made an appearance at Goodnight, Martha Stewart dined at O&B Canteen and Rihanna proclaimed her love for the T-dot on Twitter. Then, yesterday, the Toronto Star reported that Mark Wahlberg, the man who would’ve been on one of the two L.A.-bound Boston jets crashed by the 9/11 hijackers were it not for a last-minute trip to Toronto, just bought a $12-million condo in Yorkville. Sure, he didn’t spend a record $28 million on his new digs—but who needs an unnamed international man of mystery when you can have Marky Mark?

The penthouse is slated for completion in 2013 and comes with all the luxuries you’d expect at such a hefty price tag, including enough space to house the entire Funky Bunch. Wahlberg will occupy the top floor of the seven-storey building, and we hope for his neighbours’ sake that he’s not much of a partier—they might not want to feel those good vibrations (even though they’re a sweet sensation).

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