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Real Estate


House of the week: $9.38 million for a mini-Brideshead in Markham

ADDRESS: 20 Steele Valley Road


AGENT: Jerry Hammond, Re/Max Ultimate Realty Inc.

PRICE: $9,380,000

THE PLACE: Situated on two lots in Markham, this monster mansion provides the playboy or -girl with enough entertainment space to make Hugh Hefner jealous. With an outdoor pool grotto, theatre, indoor driving range and even a ballroom, this place will have the bunnies and honeys clamouring to get in. After all, it is nicknamed Maison de l’amitié—the house of friendship.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: With a 268-foot-wide yard, private tennis courts and a majestic drive to the front door, this place is like Markham’s mini-Brideshead. Host tragic love stories or just swim naked in the pool and fountains, and if more modern day frivolity is called for, the backyard could make for the longest Slip and Slide ride in history.

BIG SELLING POINT: One couldn’t get closer to living like Diddy on Cribs than with an actual ballroom in the house. No word on whether the fridge comes pre-stocked with Cristal.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Downtown workers will have a hell of a commute by car (there’s ample room for a helipad out back). On the plus side, though, it’s that much closer to a summer château.


• $35,608.36 in taxes
• 268-foot-wide front yard
• 17 parking spaces
• 11 bathrooms
• 8-car garage
• 7 furnaces
• 7 air conditioning units
• 6 bedrooms
• 3 central vacuum systems
• 3 storeys
• 2 putting greens (one indoor, one outdoor)
• 2 lots
• 1 ballroom
• 1 basketball/squash court
• 1 custom elevator
• 1 tennis court
• 1 pool
• 1 guest cabana

  • Pee

    total madness!!! 6 bedroom 11 bathrooms..get real! Take you $9mil and buy a real classic house in Toronto and pay half the taxes too!!

  • Tad Pardwole

    Yes, if I had nine mil to spend on a house it wouldn’t be on this McMansion.

  • Kimberley

    Wow, $9.38 million sure can buy a lot of ugly.

  • Big Slick

    I hope the buyers have enough left over for an interior designer. The inside looks like it came straight out of the 80s – yuck! Well, at least the lawn looks nice.

  • Hogtownmike

    You would have to drop a quite a few extra $$$ to get this pad out of the 80s–I think I will pass…

  • K0

    good luck selling this baby!

  • therese

    ewwwwwwww… gawd, who comes up with this crap? fire the interior decorator pronto!


    Fire the interior designer ? There was no interior designer, there could not have been an interior designer,there would not have been a designer… yikes.. WTF is this ?!!! I would rather use the annual tax bill amount and put a downpayment on a cityplace high density mass volume design condo and feel better~!!

  • zain

    you guys are so jelous this is an awsome mansion and i bet all the houses put togeather of you guys would equal this ones face the facts