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VIDEO: this is what it looks like when Rob Ford tries to get some exercise at city hall

This video comes courtesy of CBC’s Steven D’Souza, whose camera captured it at some point last night. Now we know how the mayor trains for high-speed encounters with the city hall press gallery.

And here’s the inevitable Flashdance remix version:

  • ZachSwan

    Fuck off Toronto Life, you despicable bullies. To all overweight TL subscribers: they hate you because you’re fat. Do you really want to support them?

  • Divasnote

    Shame! To make fun of overweight people is bad enough, but to make a laughing stock out of someone trying to get healthy is more than unkind. It’s just plain mindless! Retract this, and apologize!

  • Deanna

    I am as anti-Ford as the next guy, but fat-shaming is disgusting and unnecessary. There’s no reason lower TL to the level of a schoolyard bully when there’s so many substantive issues to address with him. What’s next, videos of anorexic women calling them ‘skeletor’? Or of chubby kids calling them ‘pudding face’?

  • Cheryl

    Not cool, Toronto Life. Not cool at all.

  • Cambob

    People who mock Ford for being fat have all the moral authority of Fred Phelps. Shame on you.

  • christinaarcher

    If i were the person in front of him as he hits the stairs, I’d be awfully worried, just in case he falls, and goes tumbling down the stairs.

  • christinaarcher

    No, we WON’T do as you say!!!

  • jeffmolloy

    Where is there a reference to being fat? It look more like a way to escape the media to me.

  • Cruel_Angel

    Is this what you consider news Toronto Life??
    Shame on you.

  • Sadie Weinstein

    Okay… I’m no Rob Ford advocate, but this is straight up bullying. Not cool, Toronto Life.

  • Pamela Della

    Report this post here. When will you change your name to bullylife?

  • Pamela Della

    “This is what it looks like when a pervert from Toronto life named Steven D’Souza takes pics of you and stalks you when you hit the gym”

  • Pamela Della

    on facebook. they said it was like watching jelly or some other weird bs.

  • Miley hater

    I hate Rob Ford…but at least he’s attempting to lose weight and exercise….Toronto Life: you are bullying him and that doesn’t sit well with me….i’m unsubscribing from your magazine and from your facebook page.

  • Pat Clark

    This will backfire on you TL . You are not funny.

  • Mark Morton

    The caption of the video says “this is what it looks like when Rob Ford tries to get some exercise at city hall.” I think that’s quite accurate, because to me the video seems to be capturing what it looks like when Rob Ford tries to get some exercise at city hall. There’s no textual reference to Ford being fat. Yes, he does look ridiculous as he does his high-stepping to the stairwell, but so would anyone engaging in that kind of quasi-prancing in the context of an office environment. In fact, the only people who have raised the notion of obesity with regard to this video are the ones who have complained about it below.

  • Aurora Aurora

    Are all the people complaining fat? Don’t forget Ford is shameless, and people can decide for themselves if the video is that offensive. If you continue raising eyebrows over this, you’re going to lend credence to Doug’s dot connecting. Are you trying to make Ford look like a victim? He has some more serious issues to worry about and I do not sympathise with him one bit for this video. Maybe that’s what he should have been doing instead of breaking the law and associating with criminals. Ford must be very pleased to show he’s still intent on losing weight, but as has been demonstrated before, does anybody actually care anyhow? It only shows how unrealistic he is, hoping his exercising will make a good impression. Indeed, no mention of being fat is made in the short text.

  • CanuckleDragger

    I agree that making fun of Ford’s fatness is wrong since he has so many short comings as a human being, (if you can call him that), being fat is one of his good points. Do you not think Ford knew he was being photo’d? His high stepping bullsh!t was purely a photo op. Anyone can make fun of this pig for anything they want as far as I am concerned. The man is worthless. The most exercise this man gets is beating his wife. Fat comments unacceptable? Only because it represents such a small portion of his ugliness.

  • Jordan Chip Heath

    Wow… that’s good and mature. As much as I think Ford is a poor quality leader, this “journalism” is disgusting. What do you accomplish by fat shaming?

    Steve Kupferman, I hope you’re a shining specimen of health. I can’t imagine you would be too pleased about being fat-shamed like this. This is incredibly juvenile. Given your age, you should really put in some effort to learn to behave like an adult. Another option would be to give up a career obviously unsuited to your personality.

  • CanuckleDragger

    The negative comments about TL here are completely orchestrated by the Fords. Being fat is not like someone being inflicted with a disease or physically impairment beyond that persons control. He’s fat because of his predisposition to over indulge. He has no will power. Can’t stop pigging out on food, can’t lay off booze and can’t lay off crack. The comments in here suggest that being fat is too sensitive of an area to comment on. Why? Rob Ford is a fat pig. Rob Ford is a fat pig. Rob Ford is a fat pig. I apologize to all the real pigs living on farms or in the wild. The last thing on earth I’d want to be compared to is Rob Ford. Sorry about that real pigs. It’s just a saying.

  • CanuckleDragger

    Are you a fatfuck by chance?

  • CanuckleDragger

    Someone is making a laughing stock out of Ford? Yea. You know who?

  • CanuckleDragger

    Calling Ford merely fat is a compliment. It means you left out the other 100 tons of garbage that could be said about this vile creature.

  • CanuckleDragger

    The reason you are so sensitive about the fat issue is no doubt because you’re a bit of a plumper yourself, right?

  • Random Dude

    Ford is not merely fat, he’s obese. He’s addicted to sugar, alcohol, crack and KFC. That being said we will continue to make fun of this fat fuck till he loses weight or loses the spotlight.

  • wannabeayank

    Hey we got ourselves a real life twit nation hillbilly right here/
    Toothless, welfare, gov’t housing, shoeless piece of useless shit.
    Dunderpate, lemming, churl, oaf, lackey supporter of the most obnoxious fat disgusting so called mayor in history. Zacktwit called bozo to kill his roaches cause dimwit always answers the phone. asshole dunkard

  • wannabeayank

    I am apologizing for calling that disgusting, tub of lard obese.Sorry
    I retract calling him a bigot, crack head, alcoholic . we

  • wannabeayank

    I am not fat and he is an obese useless waste of life.

  • ZachSwan

    v v Who let the trolls out of their basements? Yawn.

  • Luigi Grimaldi

    “Toothless, welfare, gov’t housing, shoeless piece of useless shit.”
    Oh, so you know who votes for the left?

  • Luigi Grimaldi

    Hi. This was an attempt to mock Ford. The background music was used in a parody with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley.

  • LoggerheadShrike

    What comes around, goes around.

  • christinaarcher

    ‘Bullying’ an obese (fat, fat, tuubbo) bully is redundant, no?