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Rob Ford invites the media to a Christmas party at his mom’s house, and the predictable happens

(Image: Ford: Christopher Drost)

(Image: Ford: Christopher Drost)

Don’t ask us how we got this impression, but it seems that Rob Ford sometimes says things without first thinking the consequences through. On Wednesday, for example, he told members of the city hall press gallery that they were “more than welcome” to attend his annual Christmas party. Did he understand that he had just turned his mom’s house into the scene of that night’s leading “news of the weird” story?

The party, a no-recording-devices-allowed event that took place in the basement of Diane Ford‘s massive Etobicoke home, was attended by a pack of journalists, as well as Ford’s friends and staffers. The Sun reports that Ford’s council colleagues mostly rejected the scandal-prone mayor’s invitation. Only three made the trip: Gary Crawford, Frank Di Giorgio and the mayor’s brother, Doug Ford.

Before the mayor’s staffers apparently kicked him out for asking too many questions, Now‘s Jonathan Goldsbie tweeted from the party that the mayor personally led reporters on a tour of the house. Points of interest included the mayor’s childhood bedroom (now an office); another bedroom belonging to his brother, one-time kidnapping suspect Randy Ford; and the home’s massive backyard, where Ford claimed The Tragically Hip had played a concert during their early days as a band.

Some reporters pointedly decided not to attend the party, including the Star‘s Robyn Doolittle, who spent her evening telling all of Twitter why:

She’s referring to this article, in which the Sun‘s Joe Warmington spends hours on a fishing boat with Ford—an opportunity most reporters will never have—and comes away with nothing much.

For a reporter, being a politician’s houseguest is very different than waiting outside his office door. But how else are you going to find out about all the weird decorations in his mom’s rumpus room?

  • wklis

    Bread and Circuses… to distract the plebs.

  • switcherdawna

    … a party… in the basement… all the charm of a man who still thinks like a teenager.

  • Alexi-Jo

    So what was predictable?

  • 4D NAtiON 4EVER

    the fact is that Rob Ford is the best mayor ever and the people are tired of listening to the media. Rob Ford goes out anywhere and he’s a rock star, everyone want’s a picture with him. Plus he apoligized for his actions several times and he’s lost a lot of weight, 30-40 libs probably by now. Let’s move forward! FORD MORE YEARS!! yeah woooo free burgers

  • 4D NAtiON 4EVER

    90%+ of the people can’t be wrong! it’s only a tiny majority that doesn’t love Rob Ford! GO ROB GO

  • seeldee

    I kinda love this troll account. It’s like a mini-master class in pushing buttons.

  • JeffMc2000

    I kind of get the feeling you might be a senior, and therefore retired. With that in mind, maybe you should add that extra bit of info to your name and start going by RET4D NAtiON 4EVER.

    It would be informative in all sorts of ways.

  • informed citizen

    “tiny majority” that’s an oxymoron.

  • user xyyyz

    I guess “his safe house” is his parents / mom’s place. Strange to invite press to your mom’s place but not “your house”, actually it’s weird. I guess he was concerned someone might ask his wife or kids a question, can’t have that happen.

  • user xyyyz

    hey, c’mon Rob Ford, quit writing under a pseudonym we know it’s you.

  • Michael

    Most people I know are more disgusted with the Toronto Star than Rob Ford and my neighborhood is now proud to be Toronto Star free!

  • 4D NAtiON 4EVER

    subways subways subways! lol

  • Orson Sedmina

    make sure to take part in the next ipsos poll…you’re obviously an outlier

  • Lindsey Simms

    So your neighbourhood doesn’t appreciate a media outlet fact-checking statements and claims made by a politician with a documented history of lying to the public he was elected to serve?

  • AprilB

    Your math is just as good as Doug and Rob’s…

  • dikki11

    His wife and kids were there it was her Birthday.

  • dikki11

    ok Robyn or is it Dale