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QUOTED: Star reporter Daniel Dale on whether he’ll sue Rob Ford

(Images: Dale: Courtesy Toronto Star; Ford: Christopher Drost)

(Images: Dale: Courtesy Toronto Star; Ford: Christopher Drost)

“If I do take legal action, the Star’s got nothing to do with it. In fact, if I were a businessman or teacher or anything other than a Toronto Star reporter, I would have served Ford with a libel notice already.”

-Toronto Star city hall reporter Daniel Dale, on whether he’ll sue Mayor Rob Ford. The conflict stems from an interview between the mayor and Conrad Black, which aired Monday night on Vision TV. In response to a softball question about media excesses, Ford said: “Well, I guess the worst one was Daniel Dale in my backyard taking pictures. I have little kids. When a guy’s taking pictures of little kids, I don’t want to say that word, but you start thinking, ‘What’s this guy all about?’” Dale, along with many other people, has interpreted the comment as an allegation of pedophilia. Ford made the comment despite a police investigation that found that, on the day in question, Dale was actually in a park adjacent to the Ford’s property, researching a story about the mayor’s attempt to buy a parcel of public land.

Dale isn’t the only one at One Yonge Street issuing stern soundbites. Here’s Torstar chair John Honderich, speaking with the CBC: “It is a complete outrage. That’s all I can say. There seems to be no gutter deep enough to which this mayor will not stoop. He has made a very serious allegation against our reporter, who was doing his job.”

  • NYCBoy2305

    Ford is a sick bastard who must be stopped.

  • 4D NAtiON 4EVER

    no he’s good and everything I mean he does what he say’s and obiviously people like him since he has a support rating of over 90% these day’s so just accept democracy ok


    you’re dilusional and need to lay off Ford’s crack pipe.


    I retract. Obviously a parody account.

  • Ben Johnson

    The slander is ridiculous (as is mostly everything Ford says and does), and Dale is a good reporter–but that older Toronto Star picture isn’t doing him any favours. Let’s be honest, the only way it could be a worse picture to accompany an article including the word “pedophilia” would be if Dale had transition lenses and a mustache.

  • Warren Porter

    He absolutely should sue. Lets not forget that Ford continuously attacked the Star and other reporters as liars….until he was caught….and then he admitted ( a real bold move after you’re caught). He should be doing nothing but apologizing to them. If Dale crowd funded a lawsuit he’d raise a fortune in a matter of days.

  • Fernando

    you sir are winning the internet.

  • jonquimbly

    Yes, sue! Why not pile on. I’d be interested to see what a lawyer with expertise in such matters has to say about your prospects.