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QUOTED: Prime-Minister-in-Waiting Rob Ford thinks public-funded healthcare is stupid

(Images: Rob Ford, ; survery, Army Medicine)

(Images: Rob Ford, Blind Nomad; survery, Army Medicine)

“I don’t believe in all this public-funded health care…I don’t mind two-tier health care. If you want health care, pay for it.”

Rob Ford, who made his inaugural appearance on Washington D.C. radio show The Sport Junkies this morning. Given the fallout from yesterday’s damning new allegations, we might have expected the mayor to opt out of his new weekly gig giving NFL picks. Instead, he duly phoned in and even added to the controversy, categorically denying that tried to buy the infamous crack video, as well as slamming President Obama’s healthcare law and scoffing the notion that the Cleveland Indians or Washington Redskins should pick more politically-correct names. Ford didn’t fare better when he steered the conversation back to football. When one host asked him about women winning football bets, Ford said, “They just look to who’s the cutest guy … that’s how they pick ’em.” You can listen to the full clip here. [The Sports Junkies] »