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Rob Ford eats chicken wings, steals a seat and works up the crowd the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto


(Images, clockwise from left: Brandon Sharma, Mike Tunison, Jeffery Lamont)

Two of last week’s biggest stories—the ongoing Rob Ford fiasco and Jon Bon Jovi’s supposed desire to move the Buffalo Bills to Toronto—collided yesterday when the mayor showed up at the Bills’ annual game in Toronto. Ford made a weak attempt to play the part of your average Bills fan by wearing a Fred Jackson jersey and eating chicken wings. Despite his efforts, however, section 133 quickly turned into a chaotic mess of gawkers shoving to get close enough for a photo, cheering fans raising their beers, and security guards becoming flustered. Ford didn’t help by asking everyone who approached whether they would be voting for him in next year’s election (or by stealing Canadian rocker Matt Mays’ seat,which Mays played up for maximum sympathy). With the crowd becoming increasingly out of hand, Ford opted to leave at halftime—a shame for the Bills, who really needed all the fan-power they could get.