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TTC fare hike is probably coming just when no one wants it—in January

Something to contemplate as you wait on the crammed subway platform this evening: the Toronto Transit Commission is looking to raise fares starting January 1. If the hikes are approved by the TTC board and city council, a single adult token would go up five-cents to $2.70 and an adult Metropass would rise to $131. There is also the possibility of a 25-cent increase on the cash fares (which has been frozen at $3 since 2010) or an additional price hike that would bring the price of Metropasses to $133.75.

On CBC radio this morning, TTC CEO Andy Byford made his case to the public: with ridership expected hit a record 540 million trips next year, he explained, “I need more operators, I will be paying for more fuel, I will paying for more hydro to power the subway, we need more mechanics.” Byford emphasized that he is also lobbying all three levels of government for more cash, but he still needs riders to contribute their share—though he did have the grace to acknowledge it’s “a hard sell and I don’t feel good about that.” [CBC]

  • save. spend. splurge.


    Another fare hike to pay for loads more crappy, uncaring, TTC drivers who are overpaid, all while the fare system is sorely outdated and requires an overhaul to shift to the 21st century with RFID cards like the rest of the modern world rather than stupid pieces of paper masquerading as transfers, or those ridiculously tiny tokens.

    Start collecting actual fare from those deadbeat passengers rather than overloading the rest of us who don’t cheat the system.

    Why don’t you tell it like it is?

    It’s more a question of disorganization because the TTC is inefficient, badly structured and mismanaged because of its government subsidies, not “fuel, hydro power, mechanics” and the like.

  • Tracey Pike

    Please don’t lump all TTC drivers into the “uncaring” category. I’ve witnessed first hand how we are treated. I learned to remain calm and professional no matter what the situation. START paying attention to who you elect. Are you aware that the TTC is the 3rd largest transit system in North American and the least subsidized? It take fuel to run buses, it takes hydro to run the subway and it takes mechanics to repair things. Before you go spouting off, do your homework.

  • Vote Ndp

    You riders in Toronto have it better than the 905. In York Region, their cash fare will be $4 in 2014, and 10 tickets will be $33 as well.
    In the 905, fares are much higher and service can be infrequent in the midday, evening and weekends as well.