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Rob Ford plans to sue Mark Towhey, Isaac Ransom, “the media,” BierMarkt and everyone who said mean things about him


Rob Ford appearing at city hall this morning in an Argos jersey (Image: CTV/screenshot)

The city hall circus has already started up for the day. Rob Ford—sporting an Argos jersey and cowboy boots—just told reporters that he’ll sue former aides Mark Towhey, Isaac Ransom and George Christopoulos for the damning comments they made about him to police. (Among the ex-staffers’ claims revealed in yesterday’s document release: Ford hung out with a suspected sex worker at city hall; that staff believed the mayor had an issue with alcohol or prescription pills, including OxyContin; and that Ford pushed and verbally abused staffers.) Ford is also planning to sue a waiter at the BierMarkt who said he believed he heard the mayor doing lines of cocaine at the restaurant, as well as the media as a whole. “It’s unfortunate I have to take legal action,” Ford said, before vowing, “No one, but no one, is gonna accuse me of having escorts and doing lines at a bar.”  The mayor is copping to at least one of the  claims, however: “I might have had some drinks and driven, that’s absolutely wrong.”

No word yet on whether the Argos plan on suing the mayor for making this morning’s statement—including several lurid comments about oral sex—in their jersey.

  • Taliba100

    Everytime Rob Ford’s lawyer watches the news he says, ‘cha-ching!’