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Rob Ford spends five hours signing bobblehead dolls that look nothing like him

(Image: comicbrothers)

(Image: comicbrothers)

Spending the better part of a day signing bobblehead dolls doesn’t seem an obvious move for a man embroiled in the most explosive political scandal in recent memory. But Rob Ford is a maverick—one who needs to distract a city gripped by a scandal involving his own boozy misadventures. Today at city hall, the mayor sold off 1,000 “Robbie Bobbies” for a United Way fundraiser that was planned pre-crack admission. Among the highlights of the circus-like day: a protestor ran through the crowd yelling, “Resign, Rob Ford, resign! This is ridiculous!”; Ford signed one of the overly chiseled bobbleheads “Rob Ford, gravy train slayer”; someone spilled a pitcher of water all over everything; and, when the dolls ran out, the mayor started signing any Ford merch on hand, including fridge magnets and business cards. The mob of hundreds who lined up to buy the $20 dolls was a fairly even mix of diehard Ford supporters and smirking Ford opponents. And, of course, opportunistic eBay sellers.

  • Jason Paris

    Does the Mayor of Toronto ever actually do any work?

  • Clayshapes Pottery

    While he was doing this, a couple blocks away a judge was watching a video of him smoking crack. Just another day in Toronto.

  • TristanTerrific

    I hope the next mayor has vision. This guy spends so much time and energy running away from Media, NOT answering questions (even after he told us to ask the “right” question) and signing bobbleheads.
    I suppose he has a load of free time now that he is no longer a full time football coach.

  • Sarah

    Such a good use of public dollars… Wasting tax payer dollars, is this how he supposedly will be saving us a billion dollars?

  • John Doe

    What did Toronto Life do for Charity today?