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Quoted: Rob Ford’s lawyer on why the mayor wants the public to see the crack video

“He’s happy that this thing is going to come to a conclusion in the sense that there is a video and he wants it seen by the public as soon as possible.”

Dennis Morris, who has the unenviable job of being Rob Ford’s lawyer, making an unexpected push for police to release the recovered video to the public. According to Morris, Ford wants Torontonians to judge for themselves whether the pipe he was smoking contained crack rather than tobacco or pot. (Yes, it really has come to this.) Morris argues the move is necessary after Police Chief Bill Blair’s “dirty” press conference yesterday “because when the chief of police offers a suggestion that somebody is smoking crack cocaine, people obviously make the leap that it must be so.” Unfortunately for Ford—and for the rest of us—several legal hurdles stand in the way of making the clip available right away.

  • Great Hall Academy
  • Erica Helmer

    *shakes head*

  • wklis

    Who “owns” the video? Who has the “copyright” for it? Was it ever “sold” (probably not legally speaking)?

  • JP Casino

    It really doesn’t matter what’s in the pipe. As an addict, Ford shouldn’t (can’t?) be forcibly removed from office and deserves help for his PERSONAL problem. As a Mayor, I think it’s time the residents of Toronto demanded some personal accountability for the damage he’s done to the city’s reputation.

  • urbaniteMom

    The amount of wasted energy and money spent dealing with Rob Ford and his antics is dragging this City even deeper into crisis. The Gardiner is falling apart, Council voted to build a $2 billion subway that’s not feasible in terms of density or development potential, and our infrastructure can’t even handle the storms we’re getting. He would have been fired ages ago, if he was working in the private sector. Unbelievable.
    Time to think about selling our house while it’s worth something.

  • Angie Mac

    Rob Ford’s lawyer has taken the best course of action possible, under the circumstances. He knows that should the video be released now, it wouldn’t be admisable in court (or at least could be used to have the case thrown out for not following legal procedures). At the same time, by saying the mayor wants the public to see the video, it creates the impression that the mayor has nothing to hide. And if the law is followed, he’ll be able to keep this impression for quite some time. Although I have been against baseless accusations, slander and citing unnamed sources, it appears (as far as this scandal goes) the mayor is on his last legs.