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Quoted: Rob Ford’s lawyer on why the mayor wants the public to see the crack video

“He’s happy that this thing is going to come to a conclusion in the sense that there is a video and he wants it seen by the public as soon as possible.”

Dennis Morris, who has the unenviable job of being Rob Ford’s lawyer, making an unexpected push for police to release the recovered video to the public. According to Morris, Ford wants Torontonians to judge for themselves whether the pipe he was smoking contained crack rather than tobacco or pot. (Yes, it really has come to this.) Morris argues the move is necessary after Police Chief Bill Blair’s “dirty” press conference yesterday “because when the chief of police offers a suggestion that somebody is smoking crack cocaine, people obviously make the leap that it must be so.” Unfortunately for Ford—and for the rest of us—several legal hurdles stand in the way of making the clip available right away.