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QUOTED: Rob Ford finally speaks up about whether he smokes crack cocaine

(Image: Christopher Drost)

I don’t use crack cocaine nor am I an addict.

—Embattled mayor and meme-maker’s best friend Rob Ford on the Toronto Star and Gawker’s allegations that he was caught on video smoking crack cocaine. After stonewalling the media for a week—on legal advice, according to Ford—the mayor finally caved to pressure from the public, his executive committee and the deputy mayor and held a short press conference this afternoon. He read a prepared statement in which he vigourously denied that he uses crack, once again accused the Star of having a vendetta against him and thanked, variously, his brother, his recently fired chief of staff Mark Towhey, Doug Holyday and the people of Toronto for their support. (He also didn’t take questions from media). In conclusion: they tried to send Ford to rehab and he said, no, no, no.

Do you believe Rob Ford when he says he does not use crack cocaine?

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  • robxb

    I don’t think I’d say he’s an addict, but I’d definitely believe he has smoked it.

  • $13973420

    That’s because you’re another leftest idiot.

  • robxb

    Ohh, ouch..I’m so very badly hurt. Maybe you should google a little thing called “the crack diet”. Unlike you I won’t have to stoop to a level so low that I have to resort to name calling instead of contributing some sort of educated opinion to the conversation. I hope you have yourself a very nice weekend.

  • JaitcH

    Addicts, like alcoholics, are often in a state of denial. Likewise FF Ford.

    Even if he isn’t an addict, he is a poor example for someone holding the position of Chief Magistrate. His whole career has been built on behaviours like a spoiled child – throwing tantrums until he gets his way.

    Unfortunately, FF Ford (to use his and his brothers terminology) has a bigger problem this time and the smoke isn’t going away.

    I am on business in China and when the inevitable “Where you from”, giving the reply ‘Toronto’ immediately brings a knowing smile to the face of the inquirer. I tried answring ‘Canada’ but then the rejoinder is “Canada. Oh, yes, where the mayor smokes drugs”.

    You can’t win.

    P.S. After your hack Philip Preville’s piece in Slate I thought he was sold and paid for by the FF Ford camp.

  • Alecta

    Note that he didn’t say that he has never smoked it, only that he doesn’t (present tense). And he may not be an addict. He may be an alcoholic who occasionally uses. Or used once. Truth or not, this is a man with some major judgement and impulse control deficits.

    Both Fords always carry on about how they don’t take their salaries. They don’t need to. But the sum of both salaries is insignificant in the grand scheme of the city’s budget. It’s a good talking point but means little. Now if they accepted the salaries and donated them to shelters, or maybe AIDS hospices, then that would be a good deed and worth boasting of.

  • Ali
  • grace

    what the city of Toronto deserves is Olivia Chow, she can talk good and spend your hard tax dealers well, go check their expenditures at Ottawa. Get well informed and find out. We will get what we deserved. Rob Ford is fat and is not an eloquent talker, sad eh. He’s not Obama either, well or the Lady Ontario Primier who just like McGuinty are good sell people. Health Care free check it out how free it is. We may need the old monthly premiums back like the ’80.

  • robxb

    There’s a river in Egypt, it’s called de nile. Must feel good living in that cocoon of deceptive ignorance.