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Adam Vaughan vs. Rob Ford’s ultra-cliquey executive committee

For his latest attempt to mess with Rob Ford, inveterate city council pot-stirrer Adam Vaughan tried this week to join the mayor’s executive committee (a spot opened up when Mike Del Grande got sulky and stepped down last month). Unsurprisingly, he didn’t get the job—it went to Ford loyalist Vince Crisanti—but the stunt did give Vaughan the chance to publicly declare that the executive and budget committees could use some left-leaning downtown councillors to offer constructive criticism. Equally unsurprising was a hyperbolic reaction from Doug Ford: “You don’t have someone that wants to try to kill the mayor on the executive.” [National Post]

(Image: BriYYZ)

  • wklis

    Yes-men and yes-women only can apply to the executive. If you don’t lick his boots, you will be out.

  • Dan Iel

    based on his hospitalization today, i would not assume Del Grande stepped down because he got “sulky”

  • Chris

    Rob got Stintzed once already. Why set himself up for another one?

  • ah123abc

    And that is the reason why Ford is not able to get many of his big proposals passed: He refuses to work with anyone but those who blindly supports him.

  • Annie

    Oh yeah, and David Miller surrounded himself with detractors in his Executive Committee? I don’t remember that.