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Rob Ford went $40,000 over the spending limit, according to a campaign audit

(Image: Christopher Drost)

A very, very long-awaited audit of Rob Ford’s 2010 campaign finances released late this afternoon found the mayor blew the authorized spending limit by $40,168, or approximately three per cent. The report also says Ford illegally accepted accepted 11 cheques, totalling $6,000, from corporations. So what happens next? Toronto’s compliance audit committee must decide if the alleged contraventions of the Municipal Elections Act merit hiring a special prosecutor, who would then consider non-criminal charges against Ford. If they do, and Ford is found guilty in court, there’s a small chance he could—once again—find himself in a fight to remain in office. Read the full audit report []

  • wklis

    Rob can be fined ($3,150 sounds like a nice number) up to being kicked out of office. I think he’ll just be fined.

  • Brian Mouland

    Probably right

  • jones

    It would be pointless to seek removal from office as by the time the decision was made it would be too close to election time anyway.
    Indeed a fine would be indicated though because Rob did break the election act and there has to be some consequences.
    let the people of Toronto decide on his fate in regard to a re-election.

  • Michael Irvine

    When the Ford Nation says it’s OK for me to shoplift a block of cheese when I buy a bag of groceries because the cost of the cheese is only a small amount compared to the total of all the groceries in the bag …

    …then I’ll say it doesn’t matter.