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QUOTED: Rob Ford and Adam Vaughan offer a taste of how vicious a mayoral by-election could get

You’re a liar—a liar, Adam Vaughan!

—Mayor-for-now Rob Ford, lambasting Adam Vaughan at council yesterday after the councillor accused Ford of being unavailable to discuss a Queen Street development that Vaughan had championed and the mayor had opposed. Ford angrily invited Vaughan to take his complaint to the integrity commissioner. Vaughan’s rebuttal: “You’ll be out of office before the report comes back.” (Bureaucratic procedure burn!) The fiery back-and-forths may be a preview of bigger battles to come; this morning, Justice Charles Hackland deemed that Ford can indeed run to reclaim his spot as mayor in a potential by-election. (A by-election would take place if Ford loses his request for a stay this week and his appeal in January, and if council opts not to appoint a caretaker mayor to lead until 2014.) Between Ford’s temper and Vaughan’s sharp tongue—never mind a host of other mayoral hopefuls—we’re bracing for a deliciously nasty campaign. Listen to the full exchange [Toronto Star] »

(Images: Rob Ford, Christopher Drost; Adam Vaughan, BriYYZ)

  • The REAL

    I’m so tired of Adam Vaughn trying to ruin this city block by block. He needs to just quit while he’s ahead. Why do you think there’s random condos sprouting up in the entertainment district all of a sudden? You can thank this fool for that.

  • G.

    I’d say titillating, rather than delicious. I don’t find these expensive legal proceedings and distractions from municipal governance very palatable at all.

  • McDuck

    Adam Vaughn is hurting his own cause. The left will not be able to find a candidate to beat Ford in a by-election and by him making comments regarding Ford’s ouster he is just reinforcing Ford’s long-time complaint that Vaughn and other leftist councillors have no regard for taxpayer dollars and they are extremely shortsighted in their decision making. I can’t wait for Vaughn to reap his rewards when he loses his ward in 2014.

  • ProudCanuck

    Vaughn got into city hall because of family connections, nothing that he earned it himself. He would be a disaster for TO with his left-wing policies and you think that Ford is bad, you may be thinking that Ford was godsend if Vaughn sits on the city chair.