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QUOTED: Rob Ford is kicked out of office

(Image: Christopher Drost)

I declare the seat of the respondent, Robert Ford, on Toronto city council vacant.

— Justice Charles Hackland finds Rob Ford guilty of violating conflict of interest legislation and kicks the mayor out of office. The removal won’t actually take place for 14 days to allow for a transition period, and Ford is not barred from seeking re-election. Torontoist has the full decision.

  • Justin Flontek

    Take that Ford Nation!

  • W. K. Lis

    Rob Ford could do what Mohamed Morsi did in Egypt and declare himself that his decisions are supreme, irrevocable and immune against appeal before any court of law in our land. Which Rob tried to do already, but failed. Not that Rob is not attempting that at the moment.

  • nightmayor

    One slightly used Ford for sale. White with red trim.
    Purchased for the demolition of the City of Toronto. Low mileage. Ideal for hauling football equipment or towing your gravy train.

    Note: Air conditioning is broken, only blows hot air.

  • Chuck

    Bozo be gone!!! He has never taken responsibility for his actions blaming leftists and pinkies. GET OUT! we need change!!

  • Dan Dwyer

    I believe Rob Ford’s problem is that he is not corruptible. Big Business, many elected officials and the bureaucrats such as the judge that heard this case expect the new comers like Rob to tow-the-line but he didn’t and wasn’t going to. Ford did exactly as he should have when he promoted his Football Foundation. He did not get any of the money personally and he brought awareness to the sport, a sport that brings into Toronto $millions of dollars a year.

    This is a smear campaign to oust an elected Mayor in favor of a Mayor with a better fitting suit who is willing to hoodwink Torontonians out of their tax dollars. The real criminals here are judge Hackland, Magder and the rest of their corrupt gang.

  • Nalliah Thayabharan

    Though Mayor Rob Ford was ejected by a judge instead of the voters, Rob Ford’s mayoralty was a streetcar wreck. Mayor Rob Ford fumbled the future of public transit. Rob Ford failed abysmally to exercise the powers of persuasion and compromise that every mayor needs to lead Toronto city council. Rob Ford’s mayoral utterances, like his campaign statements, were a string of simplistic slogans. Mayor Rob Ford took aim at city employees who dared to get in his way. Rob Ford failed utterly to understand the line between his personal interests and his role as the city’s chief elected official. Mayor Rob Ford called senior civil servants to his office to demand paving and other repairs outside his family business – DECO Labels. Mayor Rob Ford used publicly paid workers in his office to help coach his football team. Mayor Rob Ford called the head of the TTC about a TTC bus that was being dispatched to pick up his high school football team after an aborted game.
    Mayor Rob Ford called 911 when a CBC comedian showed up on his driveway; who accosted a reporter who was simply doing his job by checking out a property the mayor Rob Ford wanted to buy near his house; who wanted the city’s accountability officers reformed out of existence when some of them questioned his conduct or decisions.

  • Toby

    Dan, he was not “done in” by “lefties”,”enemies”, at all, since he is own worst enemy. His wounds are self-inflicted. The real wound to our city is his creation of a city forecd by his actions into fractured positions.He simply doesn’t get it, does he? Very sad – for Toronto. We needed a leader not a divider.

  • Chris

    Dan…you do realize that the judge was appointed by Stephen Harper don’t you? Seems to be a fact that is conveniently ignored by all the “left-wing conspiracy” advocates in Ford Nation. Yes, these people expect others to believe that a judge, a Harper appointee known for strictly interpreting the law no less, engaged in a conspiracy with a far-left wing activist to remove Ford from office. Uh huh – it IS as crazy as it sounds. Nice try though folks. Funny how these right-wing types are all “law and order”, with “mandatory sentences” when it suits them, but thenw when it works against them, its an affront to democracy. Careful what you wish for folks!

    As an aside, it continues to astound me how Ford’s supporters are so willfully blind to his shortcomings as Mayor. This entire court action dies in its tracks if at any stage in the process, he acknowledges a conflict: (i) If he recused himself from the vote or (ii) if he simply repaid the 3k. I find it funny how it is constantly brought up that the issue and amount involved was so insignificant and yet Ford couldn’t err on the side of caution and recuse himself, or couldn’t bring himself to just cut his losses and write a cheque, and instead decided to fight all the way to court (and lose his office) rather than acknowledge an otherwise harmless mistake. This is your political hero?

    I wonder if all of these Ford apologists even appreciate that their constant excuse-making for this idiot is precisely the reason why he never believes he’s in the wrong and why he has never learned to pick his battles?

    Think about the sheer amount of energy wasted these past two years just having to deal with this man-child. For all of his sloganeering, he has shown no interest whatsoever in the manchinations of running a city. Anything more complicated than filling in a pothole is apparently beyond his intellectual capacity to grasp.

    While I can’t say that this is the ideal way for him to be gone, I also can’t say I’m at all sad about it. The sooner the Ford era comes to an end, the better. Good riddance to bad Mayor, I say.

  • jakiee

    wooowww!! Partyy

  • Jim

    He should be booted as soon as possible out of this office. He is a disgrace to the City of Toronto!!!

    This person has no education in anything, from behaving in public to behaving at home, from speaking to public to driving and reading a newspaper etc etc etc. The list has no end!!!

    He is a low class, petty shopkeeper-minded one with no understanding what Toronto is about, but is very toxic towards others and creates unhealthy, toxic atmosphere within the city. Most disrespectful and thus disgusting.

    I agree, the sooner his time comes to an end, the better. We should NOT be paying for his legal expenses about his being booted out!!! Get out!!! And take your brother with you!