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QUOTED: Rob Ford humbly shares his personal experience with bullying

(Image: Christopher Drost)

When you are overweight like I’ve been all my life, you get made fun of and it’s not good growing up. There are many different types of bullying, but being called fat, all that stuff, it bothers you.

Mayor Rob Ford, speaking candidly about being tormented as a child at a publicity event for Bullying Awareness Week yesterday. We commend Ford, who waged a very public and ultimately unsuccessful effort to lose weight earlier this year, for his sincere and deeply personal admission (read Denise Balkissoon’s Toronto Life feature “The Bully Mob” for a look at just how serious childhood bullying can be)—though his timing isn’t exactly optimal. Just this morning, first-term city councillor Michelle Berardinetti decided to leave Ford’s executive committee because she says she’s tired of constantly being pressured to vote with the mayor. In other words, she’s sick of being bullied. [Globe and Mail]

  • Johnny

    Oh Rob… how touching. But do you know you are really one of the biggest political bully in Toronto’s history ? Are you reacting now to what happened in the past ? U bully down anyone who disagrees with you and challenge you ! You bully and talk down to people on your radio talk show if they are not on your side ? Do you know the meaning of a BULLY?! of being bullying?! You should have done some real soul searching before you come out looking sympathy. I was bullied at school, it made me stronger and I surely did not grow up being one, you sure did! Bozo!

  • CdnSyrup

    He’s now the bully.

    How ironic.

  • Justin Flontek

    Ford might have gotten my sympathy, but he has proven himself to be a bully time and time again.

  • Michael Irvine

    The Bullied becomes the Bullier. He’s just trying to drum up some sympathy. Fire him!

  • Zoltar


  • switcher

    His “trim the fat” would have been more successful if he was a little more dedicated to that than he seems to be to spend time in council meetings. All he seems to care about are political photo-ops. Maybe he should take another trip to Chicago, or Orlando… or San Diego…

  • just one guy’s opinion

    i really, really, really don’t like this man. he may be a bully, and it is too bad that with him having been bullied that he didn’t learn to be kinder. the fact remains, zoltar, that he is unhealthily overweight but the nasty remarks made against him need to be about his behaviour and his politics-not his weight.