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QUOTED: Andy Byford to Rob Ford, “Don’t Call Me [Maybe]”

In future, any matters that can be construed as being personal to the mayor, I would rather he did not call me.

—TTC chief Andy Byford, asking Rob Ford to take him off his speed dial in the wake of the brouhaha surrounding a TTC bus that was rerouted to pick up the mayor’s football team. When tensions flared at the Don Bosco Eagles game last Thursday, a police sergeant requested transport to return the team to their home school; Ford got impatient when the vehicle was slow to show and called Byford for answers. Since the TTC head had no role in deciding to send a bus (that was the police’s call) or its deployment (Byford’s job doesn’t include tracking every bus at all times), he initially had no idea what the mayor was talking about. Judging by his comment, he didn’t appreciate being implicated in the affair either. [National Post]

(Images: phone, Frédéric Bisson; Rob Ford, Christopher Dros)

  • GaryS

    Byford’s not willing to take one for the boss? Could spell big trouble.

  • Justin Flontek

    I don’t blame Andy Byford, I wouldn’t want Ford calling me either.

  • Jake

    Good for Andy. Blob Ford should just ride the gravy train home next time.

  • smartalex

    I know for a fact that Rob Ford grew up on a steady diet of gravy. Specifically, Swiss Chalet. Good to see that some things never change.

  • david

    Leave the mayor alone.Just do the best you can at your job and serve the damn city to the best of your more complaining and whining,please.
    As I seat here waiting on another snail paced street car(New York 15+subway lines,T.O. 3lines)I wonder why there are so many mayor bashers.It is a good thing he isn’t a minority because the haters wouldn’t be able to control themselves.Grow up people,especially the media.Is Mary Walsh still tenting in the mayor’s backyard,looking for a date?Probably being paid by a local paper to do so. Most won’t admit it but come next election the silent majority will re-elect my mayor. Keep it going Rob. It’s so good that the unions haven’t been bossing the city,a la Miller.

    Are the gravy train references because this Byford fella is always using the T.T.C. to get around town.Doubtful,Maybe Mary should follow this dude’s limo around town for awhile.We’ll look into how many miles he rides each year.Two or three?

    Grow up Toronto,you all act like you’re in a civil service union,whining that you only get 20 sick days a year.We can’t all be entitled.

  • W. K. Lis

    I think any city employee getting any telephone call from Rob Ford must roll their eyes and wish they were sick that day.

  • yoyo

    The TTC and city traffic needs a serious revamp, but I think it’s beyond one mayor’s term and capabilities. What we do need are some sensible people in city hall who will allow the experts to do their jobs and not on a whim, interfere with what other people’s jobs and expertise are because they personally don’t agree with it. The city is held captive time and time again by people who don’t make decisions based on need, rationale thinking and planning for the future. Short sighted thinking is what is preventing Toronto from being a truly world class city.

  • Toby

    I use the TTC a lot, varied routes and destinations. I have seen Andy Byford on the subway/streetcar, several times. Leave the top civil servants alone to do their work, Rob.