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QUOTED: Andy Byford to Rob Ford, “Don’t Call Me [Maybe]”

In future, any matters that can be construed as being personal to the mayor, I would rather he did not call me.

—TTC chief Andy Byford, asking Rob Ford to take him off his speed dial in the wake of the brouhaha surrounding a TTC bus that was rerouted to pick up the mayor’s football team. When tensions flared at the Don Bosco Eagles game last Thursday, a police sergeant requested transport to return the team to their home school; Ford got impatient when the vehicle was slow to show and called Byford for answers. Since the TTC head had no role in deciding to send a bus (that was the police’s call) or its deployment (Byford’s job doesn’t include tracking every bus at all times), he initially had no idea what the mayor was talking about. Judging by his comment, he didn’t appreciate being implicated in the affair either. [National Post]

(Images: phone, Frédéric Bisson; Rob Ford, Christopher Dros)