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QUOTED: Mel Lastman rates Rob Ford’s intelligence

I’m not a genius, obviously, but he makes me look like one.

—former mayor Mel Lastman, with a jab at Rob Ford (and a simultaneous mini-dig at himself as well). Unlike Ford’s direct predecessor, David Miller, who has been somewhat cagey with his criticism, Lastman explicitly called out Ford  for his bullishness and pronounced, “You can’t be that stubborn and run a city.” Of course, Ford and Lastman can go gaffe for gaffe: Both have let slip damaging racist comments, threatened reporters and shown terrible judgement chumming around with the wrong people. All of which makes Lastman’s put-down even more damning. [Toronto Sun]

(Images: Mel Lastman, KMazur/WireImage/Getty; Rob Ford, Christopher Drost)

  • W. K. Lis

    Mel Lastman MADE his company. Rob Ford INHERITED his company.

  • Craig

    For all his dumb gaffes, Mel at least knew his limitations, and knew when he needed to delegate the stuff he wanted done to the people who could actually get it done. I don’t particularly want him back in the mayor’s chair, but I’d gladly take him back if it came down to a choice between him or Ford.

  • Chalbe

    You do know things are bad when you wish Mel was back!