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QUOTED: Rob Ford’s response to being caught reading while driving on the Gardiner

(Image: Twitter)

Yeah, probably. I try to catch up on my work and, you know, I keep my eyes on the road, but I’m a busy man.

—Mayor Rob Ford, on whether he was reading during his commute, after the above photo taken on the Gardiner Expressway surfaced (reading while driving isn’t technically illegal but it can lead to charges of careless driving). User @RyanGHaughton (who has since deactivated his account) tweeted the photo this morning, saying it was taken when traffic was moving at about 70 km/h. The mayor may be in a fancy new car, but it looks his troubled relationship with road safety endures. Of course, who hasn’t glanced at the odd bit of reading material while on the road? [CTV]

  • SevenDollarPants

    I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head.

  • Michael

    And what of the tweeter who was using his phone whilst driving?

  • B

    Who says the tweeter was driving? They could have been a passenger. Especially since none of their car is shown in the photo.

  • Chris

    I’m just surprised he was caught reading.

  • Ole Alberta

    Between Harper’s demonic fuzzy sweater trashing of our constitutional rights and Ford’s white trash comedy routine, I’m torn between crying or LMFAO @ Canadian Conservatism !

  • W. K. Lis

    Rob Ford reading? Were there pictures?

  • jacsc14

    A reasonable person when caught red handed would admit that they were wrong. But no, Rob Ford is a special breed of man because his camp’s immediate conclusion is that he needs a driver. How far does he travel within the city of Toronto that he can’t wait to arrive at his destination to read whatever he was reading? Why should special rules apply to him? It should not be taxpayers burden to cover the cost of a driver because he is an irresponsible driver. Gravy train…choo choo!


    Looks like a menu.