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Rob Ford turns down $5,000 (and Doug Ford follows suit)

Rob Ford continued his sometimes serious, sometimes ridiculous crusade against city spending this week by turning down an automatic raise in his salary. City councillors are getting a three per cent raise to keep salaries in line with the cost-of-living index, but the mayor rejected the opportunity to earn $172,803 instead of the $167,770 he currently takes home. (Of course, Ford and his brother inherited a rather successful printing company, so they don’t exactly need their civic salaries to get by). Not to be outdone, councillor and mayoral brother Doug Ford says he plans to reject the raise, too—even though he already donates the $99,620 he makes annually to charity. [Globe and Mail]

(Images: Rob Ford, Christopher Drost; Bills, Brian nairB and Lauren Siegert)

  • Catherine Archer


  • Lisa Mager

    Nice that the mayor has the luxury to turn down a raise. How about all the rest of us who have been waiting for fairer wages for over 8 years.

  • W. K. Lis

    Nice to inherit the family business without having to prove themselves worthy. Also nice that the business also pays for your expenses and automobiles. Just as long as the city buys products from their company as well.

  • Martin

    The Fords should prove their worth by donating their inheritance. Then lets see how firmly they stick to their “principles.”

  • Andrew

    So Doug donates his salary to charity and Rob turns down a raise and you critize. One post comments how they inherit a family business and they should prove their worth by donating that business to charity! These posts are ridiculous. What most shocks me is that the Ford brothers actually took their jobs to help this City when there are imbeciles like you running around. These guys don’t need their jobs, they should just take care of their family business and let the City rot. How ungrateful some members of this City can be.

  • JoeTory

    Exactly Andrew.

    If the Ford brothers left town, this place would go to the dogs. The idiot citizens of Toronto don’t deserve the Fords, and the city has improved 500% since they took office, according to Harper’s new StatsCan CPC Promotion branch.

    Anyways, I am so scared of what will happen if he quits or is not re-elected, or suffers a massive heart attack as a result of The Toronto Star’s biased reporting. So scared! What will I do? Where will I go? Who will I worship?

    You’d all better start supporting him, or else me and Andrew will start our own city just to spite you all.

    Freedomville, we’ll call it, with no taxes, no unions, no government regulations, no minimum wage, and no other people.

    Let’s start a new life, friend.

  • JohnToryForMayor

    JoeTory…….and Toronto Sun cheerleading biased reporting for the Ford brothers, right.

  • D

    Give the guy a break. Even when he donates his whole salary to charity you NDP slime slag the man for being a succesful business man, and use the word “inherit” as if the guy hasn’t been working hard to keep his business IN business. Maybe all the little turds whining and screaming for FREE government money in the form of grants for your stupid little arts projects. I didn’t vote for Ford, but I’m sure glad to see how his very presence exposes the vitriolic ideological-bigotry of the left in Toronto.