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QUOTED: Richard Florida on where Rob Ford ranks in the history of city mayors

(Image: Ed Schipul)

Richard Florida, author, head of U of T’s Martin Prosperity Institute and noted academic rock star, sharing some choice thoughts on Toronto’s mayor in a sweeping question-and-answer with The Grid’s Courtney Shea. Florida also goes on to suggest that CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi would be his dream candidate for the 2014 mayoral race—or at least “somebody who looks and acts like Jian Ghomeshi.” (We asked Ghomeshi whether he’d ever consider a mayoral run—check out his response.) [The Grid]

  • JST

    The problem is we need a mayor who’s going to ask “the hard questions” and nobody lobs softballs to his interview subjects quite like Jian does.

  • Stavro

    I don’t know, Jian did pretty good up against Billy Bob Thorton

    Rob Ford isn’t as bad people make him out to be. He is an easy target.

  • kenoc

    Rob Ford is an easy target but he is as bad or worse than people make him out to be.

  • John

    The reason Ford is such an easy target is because he sets himself up as one. And, when he doen’t get his own way, he takes it out on everyone else, especially the less fortunate and most vulnerable of this city. Not to mention, he has kept his word on very few campain promises.

    As far as being a mayor, well he leaves much to be desired. Then again, he’s in the right city; a wanna be mayor in a wanna be city. Toronto is a not a city, it’s a toxic dump. Erect a fence around the city and place signs every fift feet, that read “Please don’t feed the savages.” Mayor Ford (And I use that term losely) is also Toxic!

  • John

    I know many of you will be upset with my last comment, however, I am only telling the truth. Toronto has the largest collection of crude, unrefined, obnoxious and ignorant species in North America. And Ford, well he blends in beautifully.

    We even have an infastructure that’s a joke. If you need proof, look at the TTC. That alone comes close to violating human rights.